BEWARE OF Verbally Violent Writers such as Mr. Rajan Ariyappallil and Samkutty Mathew

O9 November 2017

+++This article was written in 2016 by Dr. E. C. Samkutty, Ph.D., Louisiana, USA, Professor of British Literature, Novelist, & Devotional Song-Writer ((Also, Founder & President, Citizens Against Verbal Violence---CAVV).
+++Photos: Anil Kodithottam(AK), Samkutty Mathew Mannamaruthi(SMM), and Raju Anikad(RA). These three fellows use their tabloid publications to scandalize, slander, and defame servants of God using manufactured lies and wounding words.

Rajan Ariyappallil
Samkutty Mathew
Raju Anikad

Mr. Raju Anikad’s photo can be very misleading. He is always dressed in super-white clothes, well-groomed with perfectly trimmed beard, with the happiest face showing off his front teeth. Unfortunately, he uses subtle devices to belittle, wound, misrepresent, and lie against servants of God.

What comes to my mind when I think of Mr. Raju Anikad is the fierce flesh-eating animal named hyena that kills and eats humans and animals including big horses and buffaloes. These animals laugh exactly like humans.
(I will soon upload a few vide-clips titled “Hyena Laugh” in which you can hear how these flesh-eating animals can tear our flesh---still show their white teeth joyfully).

Brethren Church scholar Mr. E. S. Thomas is providing high-level media-visibility to verbally violent writer Pastor Anil Kodithottam by debating with him on the public stages on controversial topics that attract a lot of viewers.
Mr. E.S. Thomas sir has sacrificed ethical standards to gain media attention. EST has no feelings for his wounded fellow-believers who are continually being hurt by Anil Kodithottam's slanderous and verbally violent articles.
E.S. Thomas (age 58) says publicly that he is undergoing medical treatment for his physical problems. Despite his chronic sickness related to muscle aches, his belittling attacks against Pentecostal doctrines have only increased---becoming meaner and tougher.

MANY CONCRETE EXAMPLES OF VERBAL "BULLYISM " IN SAMKUTTY MATHEW'S TABLOID PAPER ARE GIVEN AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS ARTICLE---some that he himself has used and others by his paid writer Anil Kodithottam. All articles in this tabloid are finally cleared and approved by Samkutty Mathew.

Mr. Anil Kodithottam was officially kicked out in 2016 from public stages by Kerala State INDIAN PENTECOSTAL YOUTH (PYPA) Committee due to his verbal violence.
Notorious bully-writers and verbal abusers Mr. Anil Kodithottam and Samkutty Mathew have been ruthlessly attacking our evangelists, pastors, and writers for several years.

Almost all victims they had wounded in the last ten years are religious leaders who had visited us when we were sick, uplifted us when we were depressed, and taught us the Bible when we needed spiritual nourishment. In fact, these two verbal rowdies have wounded our pastors who baptized us in water, conducted many of our weddings, and established our spiritual roots through their sermons, books, and seminar presentations.

Bully-writers like Mr. Kodithottam and Pastor Samkutty Mathew are not soul-winners. They have not helped to build any churches, but only wounded our soul-winning-church builders with their harsh criticisms.

I am providing below a list of wounding nicknames used by the above two writers, and by Raju Anikad, Shibu Peediakal (Houston), and Ciby T. Mathew (New Zealand) who make fun of many of our soul-winning pastors.

Age-wise, their victims are much senior to them, but these writers have not learned the basic lessons of respecting elders. I will not rest until these slandering writers are smoked out and chased away from their attacking fortresses, so no more will they harass our pastors and evangelists.
We must back-up our wounded pastors.

These bully-writers who have done nothing for us spiritually are now on social media and on debating stages attempting to improve the spirituality of our churches. What a paradox.
Freedom of expression is not an unrestricted license to scandalize and wound others. Every human being is created in the image of God and must be handled with respectful language. Each one of us must honor parents, teachers, police officers, as well as all political, civil, and religious leaders.

We must respect not only the elders in our society but our children as well, speaking politely even when we deal with the very youngest ones. This is one of the basic tenets of all religions, especially that of Hinduism. Renowned leaders such as M.K. Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Abdul Kalam, Swami Vivekananda, Confucius, Mother Teresa, and Martin Luther King were known to talk respectfully with all fellow-humans----- both rich and poor, educated and illiterate.

They taught us to honor people of all races, genders, caste, and religions. Freedom of expression guaranteed in the constitution of democratic countries does not mean that we are free to write disrespectfully in impolite and violent words. Our writing pieces such as articles, columns, Facebook posts, and web blogs reveal our class, our culture, and our spiritual standard.

The style and tone of our writings also reveal the condition of our mind, whether someone is sane or insane, has a personality disorder or not.

When columnists and editors repeatedly engage in scathing language and rhetoric, they need to be watched carefully. Family members must rush them to a psychologist for counseling if such wounding language persists. If they are not admonished, eventually some writers may explode and physically harm themselves and others. Their employers may dismiss them. Their business endeavors may also fail.
Having nothing else to do, they would finally end up sitting by the computer day and night harming others internationally---mocking and commenting, hurting and wounding. They move forward by an ego-driven attitude, having no consideration for the feelings of others.
When such behavior is noticed in a person, the mature adults in the church/ temple/mosque must "compel" them to seek professional counseling. If the symptoms are serious, psychiatric treatment needs to be considered.

I used the word "compel" in this context because it is hard to convince rowdy-writers that they have a problem. They usually accuse that others who disagree with them have mental problems, but not them. It would take a long time even for family members to realize that such behavior is not a simple temper flare-up, but a serious psychological disorder. In fact, angry outbursts to release one’s stress in obscene language is a warning sign of more serious nerve conditions caused by the misfiring of neurons.

Each English Literature faculty member in the university where I taught from August 1988 to July 2017 teach four classes. (I decided to retire in August 2017, even though there is no compulsory retirement age).

English professors train students to write expository essays, literary analysis, and research papers.

By analyzing handwriting and the manner of their writing styles, teachers sometimes can identify students who suffer from mental sicknesses. Angry outbursts in essays, erratic handwriting, use of offensive nicknames, unrestrained rhetoric, loosely connected ideas with absolutely no coherence, and hateful vocabulary are a few symptoms of personality disorder caused by the malfunction of brain cells. In the case of student-writers, threatening interjections, ceaseless mocking in every essay, sarcastic remarks against persons with physical imperfections, absolute lack of fear, inability to shed tears of joy or sorrow, aloofness from parents and mature adults, inability to make eye-contact with people around, disconnecting from parents, lack of ability to smile at the world, inability to express happiness by an innocent laugh, and a non-stop desire to belittle others----these may be symptoms of some kind of personality disorders, bipolar conditions, clinical depression, or schizophrenia.

Once professors notice signs of a combination of these abnormal behavior patterns in student essays, they are required to refer such students to the Campus Counseling Center before such students eventually engage in physical violence against fellow students and faculty members.
Some mass-shootings in many American schools are done by students with erratic writing styles and social-media comments--- like the nonstop mocking style practiced by Anil Kodithottam and Samkutty Mathew.

Some sadists may even end up committing suicide if spiritual people do not intervene and arrange "Fasting and Prayer Services" in their homes. During such prayer meetings, Spirit-filled believers are known to cast out the spirits of jealousy, animosity, vulgarity, arrogance, rebellion, and depression from their sick brain.

Unfortunately, many churches first take it easy and keep on tolerating these people in the name of forgiveness. They consider the matter seriously only when these bullies resort to physical attacks against people. Even family members begin to take it seriously only when someone with the above symptoms become violent towards their spouses and children or local church members.

Some writers find pleasure in hurting others with words--- a form of sadism. Some writers mock because there are readers who enjoy seeing others attacked with funny words. These “sadist- supporters” enjoy such writings until they get attacked themselves by these writers, thus feel the pain in a personal way. Some columnists get encouraging letters from carnal and jealous subscribers who enjoy others being attacked. Such encouragements stimulate some columnist to continue wounding harder and longer.

Greed is another reason. A mocking style may increase the circulation of papers. This would bring more money. Some simply use this method to blackmail leaders in society and then collect money from them or from their opponents.
An egoistic desire to dominate others, to grab leadership positions, to cover-up past sins, to prove one's importance before relatives and friends, as well as to retaliate unfair treatment in the past generations by higher-caste people may also trigger writers to wound others with impolite and disrespectful words.

Many magazine editors base their criticisms on the "freedom of expression" guaranteed in the constitution of many democratic governments. However, they would chew up other writers if the editors themselves are criticized by others. Some columnists who argue the most for freedom of journalists are the least tolerant when they themselves are criticized by other writers. They will retaliate and attack their critics viciously in the next editorials once they are attacked. They would never accept their own faults.

Every human being is a special creation of God Almighty---Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, and even an atheist. Every individual must be respected, even when we must criticize him or her.

Mr. Samkutty Mathew's publications and blog-sites have been disrespectfully hurting and mudslinging religious leaders for many years. This biweekly specializes in presenting false surveys to control election results. This tabloid also publishes literary reviews--- occasionally evaluating other people’s books. But those who supervise the paper have no real training in journalism, have never taken a course in literary criticism.

A couple of online-paper-editors that I personally know cannot even write one sentence correctly in English or in Malayalam. They have misunderstood critical reviews as making fun of authors.

Bully writers have mercilessly attacked many pastors with the following disrespectful words used by editors such as Mr. Samkutty Mathew Mannamaruthi, Raju Anikad, Anil Kodithottam, and by freelance writer Ciby T. Mathew (New Zealand) who sometimes writes in JALAKAM edited by Raju Anikad.

The writers mentioned above imitate the style of cheap tabloid papers sold in peanut shops behind the fish markets in various cities in Kerala, India. All articles are approved by Chief Editor Samkutty Mathew. The owner of SMM’s tabloid manages the notorious Blogging Segment of the Online paper, a segment full of the most disrespectful language. This blogging segment is a useful tool for the owner to attack people he does not like or people who oppose his lying paper.

Please see below a few of the hundreds of vulgar words used by Anil Kodithottam, editor Samkutty Mathew, Joe Thomas Pathanapuram (Oman), and Mr. Shibu Peediakal Houston, The Blog Segment of the Paper edited by Samkutty Mathew and supervised by Mr. Rajan Ariyappallil Atlanta also mud-slings Keralite people---mostly by suspected Fake-IDs.
It is suspected that Mr. Rajan Ariyapallil(RA), a computer technician, is inventing some of these hurtful words to attack his opponents hiding behind Fake-IDs.

RA is hungry for committee positions, seats on conference stages, and leadership posts, so anyone who oppose him would be slandered by him.

A few impolite words are quoted from another magazine named READERS JALAKAM edited in the past by IPC Pastors Raju Anikad and Anil Kodithottam.

It is a shame that some of our believers still invite these mockers to speak in spiritual meetings unaware of how they pollute the social media.

Here are the nicknames by which the above writers have attacked our senior pastors and evangelists.
First, I have given the name of each religious leader they wounded, then the corresponding nickname:

>Mega-Church shepherd Pastor Raju Poovakkala (Poovan—Wife-Controlled Rooster)

>Mega-Church shepherd Pr. P. R. Baby (Vivara-Doshi, Blockhead Ignoramus)

>Dr. Koshy Vaidyan (Barking Alseshan Dogini--Giant Dog)

>K.Joy (Kashandi-Thalayan, Zavakkuzhi-Thondayan, Baldheaded Stinking-Throater)

>C.V. Andrews (Ceevee Anthrax)

>Babu Cherian (Ponthi-Choriyan, Swollen-Wound Scratcher, Napumsakam = sexless evangelist = hermaphrodite)

Pithruzoonyan(fatherless(bastard) is a frequent word used against people by Samkutty Mathew Mannamaruthi.
Some more cruel words by Kodithottam from Satan's Vocabulary Bank:

>>Pastor P.J. James (Mulakkunnu-Methran)

>>Dr. Thangu Brother (Komali---jerky fool)

>>Dr. Ezhamkulam Samkutty (Vivara-Dhoshi Professor, Blockhead Dummy, Palam Thettiya Lucifer)

>>Achenkunju Elanthur (Njanjool-prani / worthless insect/ dirt eating sticky-skinned snail)

More rude words from Lucifer's Slang Dictionary used in Samkutty Mathew's biweekly.

>>>M. Kunjappay(Kunjappan)

>>>K.C. Thomas & his brother Pr. K.C. John (Chettan Bava & Anujan Bava)

>>>Samkutty Chacko (Nilamboorkutty)

Some more rotten words originated in hell from Samkutty Mathew's paper and blogs supervised by Rajan Ariyappallil

>>>Murupel George, (Moori = Bull-George)

>>> Kallu Thoma “(Boozy tody Thomas, because he drank one can of beer 40 years ago in a social gathering which God already forgave half-a-century-ago).

>> > Profanity used in social media: “poda pulle.” “Leave me alone, your dry grass”

Below you will see another profanity I noticed in the social media which is too gross to print here as a conjugated word, but it begins with the syllable “Mai…” and ends with “re…” Both profane words above were used by Mr. Lalu Varghese(UAE)----the first one written in his post and the second one uttered which was recorded by a journalist named Mr. Benny Muttom Dallas.

Lalu Varghese posted the following lyric on social media as his favorite song: “I have decided…To follow Jesus.”

This is the utter hypocrisy of a bully-writer who is also promoted on PowerVision TV by IPC General Secretary Pastor K.C. John.

>>>” Mental Philip” is another nickname connected to Samkutty Mathew's blog section supervised by Mr. Rajan Ariyapallil Atlanta (the prefix "mental" because Mr. Philip’s well-employed godly wife was treated 35 years ago for a minor mental disorder. She is in good health now. I invented the name “Philip” to protect the identity of the husband and wife, but his real name begins with the letter “W.”
The owner-supervisor of this blog section deserves to be locked up in prison for this kind of name-calling---for offending the handicapped. It is a federal crime to use derogatory terms against any mentally handicapped, physically crippled, or a sick person.

The above writers, if they do not like you, would call you publicly names such as Allergy Krishnan, Dialysis Sunny, Heart-Murmur Shirley, Fibroid Susan, Hemorrhoid Husain, and Diabetes Abdulla.

Some other dishonorable names used by Samkutty Mathew’ paper to refer to our honored pastors >plastors, mannunni pastors, ittikkara pakkikal, and thief Tinu George.
+++ Pottan, kazhutha(stupid donkey), njarampu-rogi (nerve-wrecked idiot, kamasoothran(sex-monger), sperm-mixed urinoler, chevakan(chovan---racial slur) ----all these five nicknames used against godly people by Rev. Shibu Peediakal Houston.

Mr. Shibu Peediakal is a specialist in latrine-related nicknames connected to stinking commodes, human excrements, urine shed, garbage disposals and Old Testament Hebrew vocabulary.

Mr. Shibu is the assistant pastor of Dr. K. C. Chacko---Pastor Chacko being a well-respected shepherd who speaks out fearlessly about apostasy in the church, but he appears to be fearful in dealing with his assistant pastor.  Shibu still preaches in the church and partakes Holy Communion.
Dr. K.C. Chacko rebuked Shibu a few months ago concerning his filthy language, but Shibu ignored Chacko’s earned doctorate in theology and boldly continues his latrine-related language adventures honoring pagan god Beelzebub.
In classical mythology, Jupiter is the god of thunder and Beelzebub is the god who rules over and protects the flees who eat up human excrements in old latrines(outhouses)---in simple terms Beelzebub is THE ONE AND THE ONLY LORD OF THE FLEES AND THE COMMODE.

And Shibu Peediakal enjoys using latrine-related words against servants of God. I have more than 50 screenshots to prove the vulgar and profane vocabulary of this cultureless man who lives in Houston.

***Everybody who has seen mega-church pastor Raju Poovakkala knows that this handsome, soul-winning leader has a minor handicap on his legs caused by childhood-polio. However, our merciful God has compensated his physical infirmity by enabling him to build a mega-church at Thiruvalla city.

Poovakkala's life is a living testimony to what God can do through us in spite of our physical imperfections. Many readers were very angry when Pastor Anil Kodithottam in Samkutty Mathew's tabloid paper was rude enough to make sarcastic remarks about Poovakkala's feeble limping legs. Many were further infuriated when Kodithottam named him "Poovan," an idiomatic expression having a connotation for a sexy rooster that chases female birds---a comparison not fitting for a holy man like Poovakkala.

A few months ago, the Indian Pentecostal Church Youth Department (PYPA) sent an official letter(bulletin) banning Pastor Anil Kodithottam from convention stages. The letter informed that Kodithottam habitually wounds many top soul-winners in the Pentecostal movement with funny animal names, specifically cheap nicknames connected to crawling insects, multi-legged crickets, mud-eating creatures, horrible-looking spiders, and sticky-skinned snails.

With all these cruelties done by these two writers and by this IPC State Council Member Raju Anikad, their local churches and State Council seem to have taken no official action against them.

The Bible commands us never to sit in the seat of the scornful (Psalms 1). The believers are sharing the seat and the Holy Communion with these scornful editors. What a shame.

Actually, the persons disrespected by Pastor Raju Anikkad-gang are our leaders who in the past have spiritually uplifted millions and baptized thousands. Their prayers to Jesus have healed our sicknesses. We should not sit silently when Kodithottam kicks them around, Samkutty Mathew bruises and blackmails them, and Raju Anikad bleeds them.
Pastor Raju Anikad personally attacks with his own pen only sometimes, but he plots with other gunda-writers to attack people who are the targets of his jealousy.

For example, Anikad personally got a free copy of my novel PALAM THETTIYA THEEVANDI from the owner of Deepthi Publications Mr. Achenkunju Elanthur.
Mr. Achenkunj Elanthur told him never to review my book, because Elanthur had a feeling deep within his heart that Anikad had hidden plans to wound me. Anikad gave the same copy of my book to his former co-editor Kodithottam to attack me in the pages of JALAKAM magazine.

Kodithottam obeyed Anikad and reviewed my novel. The review commented that when he read THEEVANDI, he "felt like being inside the latrine (urine shed) in the second-class compartment of a train" --- a cultureless and sacrilegious comparison.

Kodithottam is like Shibu Peediakal who reminds readers often about urine sheds, human sperm, urine, sticky snails, and stinking places. These are sentences used in cheap secular Malayalam tabloid papers, and Kodithottam regularly copies these words to attack godly people and their ministries.

I wrote that novel with much prayer and meditation. Thousands of alcoholics were delivered, and prodigal youths rescued through my novel. It is a sacrilegious act to compare a religious book to a railway urine-shed. If this was done in a Muslim country, pious Muslims would lock them up in jail. The above-mentioned Novel Review was reprinted by Samkutty Mathew in his paper to further wound me.

IPC Valakom Center-Pastor Mr. Raju Anikad was not fully satisfied with wounding me one time in 2007. His carnal mind wanted to wound me again. A few months later, he printed in JALAKAM magazine another spiteful article written by Mr. Ciby T. Mathew (Malayalee writer, New Zealand) to publicly attack me in which he called me a sticky snail(njanjool).
Ciby T. Mathew New Zealand calls evangelists disrespectful words such as “njanjool” (worthless mud-eating creature).

Verbal Villain Ciby once wrote that my books remain unwanted eaten by termites in a warehouse. I keep my books in well-built, well-protected houses watched over by the residents. Floors are regularly treated to kill termites. Books are always distributed within six months. How merciful is our God who does not send termites to eat up the brains of liars like Ciby T. Mathew who invents and spreads cruel lies!!!
I noticed in June 2016 that Ciby has been keeping this wounding article on his own Facebook page for four years, ever since 2012. This is a good example for people who find pleasure in wounding others continually ---jealous sadists. Ciby delights in the fact that he has exposed the wounds of a servant of God to the maximum number of Facebook readers in four years---2012 to 2016. The demons of jealousy are in operation in his mind.

"KING SAUL THE JEALOUS" from the Old Testament is now reincarnated in the bodies of many writers. Raju Anikad and Anil Kodithottam, teaming up with Samkutty Mathew, devised another crooked plan to separate me from all people who belong to Dalit families in Kerala. His gang is now spreading the lie that I verbally addressed a Dalit person with racial slurs that belittle the lower caste people. They falsely published that I talked to Raju Anikad in a tone influenced by caste prejudice.

Never. Never.

Such a conversation in a racial tone never happened. I never intentionally or accidentally use racial slurs. This is a lie invented by Raju Anikad to discredit me among four million Dalit citizens in Kerala. This is a manufactured lie intended to cause the distance between me and the millions of Dalit brothers and sisters in Kerala.

I know of another editor in Thiruvalla who used a racial slur against Anil Kodithottam. When I knew about this, I rebuked that Thiruvalla editor in brotherly love.

But I have never called any Dalit person racial slurs in my conversations with any of them. Never. Never.

I do not believe that there really is a “lower caste” in the eyes of our Almighty Creator. People in ancient generations deliberately classified people into different caste systems to plunder and abuse them.

Some of my best friends are Dalits. My novel THEEVANDI is the first fiction in the Pentecostal world that raised a strong voice against caste discrimination. I humbly request people in all continents to call editor Anikkad and counsel him in a decent language not to allow wounding language in his paper and not to act like jealous Haman and envious Saul. (Phone, Aanikkad 944-618-7207; JALAKAM Office 469-270-2844). Anikad is trying to raise huge amounts of money to build up his IPC Valakam District ministries. People should think twice before entrusting money with deceptive, cruel, and lying pastors like Raju Anikad who tear up flesh like the wild animal hyena but shows off a happy face outside.     
IPC leaders sometimes do not use proper judgment when appointing district pastors. Media bullies should never be appointed as leaders. Our ability to collect funds and build up church districts will not be successful when media-bullies lead churches in the area.

All writers must recognize the dignity of man, God’s special creation. We can disagree but must do it giving honor to our fellow-citizens---rich or poor, educated or not. No human should be called a "sticky-skinned snail" or an "anthrax."
Mr. Kodithottam, I want you to know that snails have no soul. Roosters have no soul. Humans have a soul created in the image of God. Every human deserves respect. He/She is a part of divinity.

You must stop your cruelty, if not believers are going to join together and make you stop shooting at our pastors. For ten years, readers remained silent when these writers were blackmailing and kicking our pastors around.

But now is the time to speak up and protest by calling these verbal rowdies > [Rajan Ariyappallil, Chair, Publications Board,, Atlanta 678-571-6398; Editor Samkutty Mathew, Ranni 944-736-8795(USA number 646-267-5548) Kodithottam, Mallappally 949-573-3727; Raju Anikad 944-618-7207; 469-270-2844].

I have documents to prove that the owner of Samkutty Mathew's paper Mr. Rajan Ariyappallil called me on June 4th (2016) to threaten me that he will publish "shameful matters" against me, my family and relatives. (His threats are invented lies cooked up in the brains of his team of expert liars).
The owner's words were veiled in blackmailing-- punishable in a court of law in India or in the USA.

May I conclude this article requesting your prayers for my family and me. The practice of Pentecostals has been to hide abuses done by these bully- writers and editors. We allow the wicked and the criminals to escape in the name of forgiveness and on the basis of 1 Corinthians Chapter 13---the love chapter.

So, nothing happens to the criminals. A few years ago, a state overseer was punched by a local elder, his lips bleeding. Another state superintend was slapped by a pastor. These rowdies were not taken to the police custody or court action. This is not forgiveness. This is irresponsibility.
This is negligence to punish crimes against God-ordained authority.

The Bible says that all governmental authorities are sanctioned by God (Romans 13:1-7).  Believers, do not watch silently when your pastors and evangelists are kicked around, lied against, or wounded down---whether you are a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, or an atheist. (NB):
The following list of offensive wounding nicknames used by religious papers is posted here, so other writers may avoid imitating such spiteful language.

Kindly send me the quotes and references of other such offensive words printed in religious papers, so I can post them as a warning to bully writers.

+++This article was first posted on Facebook on June 19, 2016.  Revised: 6 November 2017;;;

E. C. Samkutty,
P.O. Box 40092, Baton Rouge
Louisiana 70835-0092

E. C. Samkutty