Biblical Terms for Non-Christians

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Dear Non-Christian Facebook Friends

(Open Letter By Professor E. C. Samkutty)

You may have wondered what pastors and priests mean when they use Biblical or theological terminologies---words and phrases such as "Salvation," "Saved," "Born-Again," "Eternal Life, " "Rapture," and "Sanctification."

The meanings are very simple though some of them sound complicated and theological. 
I will explain a few unfamiliar terms for non-Christians. 
Being "saved" means that a person is saved from spiritual death and eternal punishment in hell. A saved individual in his heart already has an inner assurance of Eternal Life in heaven. A saved person also experiences a spiritual rebirth(Born-Again) through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

When Pentecostal pastors use the word "BELIEVERS," they include all saved people in any denomination who have experienced a spiritual rebirth, leading a holy(sanctified) daily lifestyle based on the Bible. 

What about Sanctification?

A sanctified person is a saved person who has experienced a spiritual rebirth in the heart, one who cherishes holy thoughts ---thoughts devoid of jealousy, lust, greed, temper, selfishness, and other unholy passions, particularly one who faithfully conducts himself/herself in a godly manner in speech, dress, interpersonal dealings, and general lifestyle. 

In the Pentecostal definition, a saved person is a "born-again, sanctified believer." 
To express the same idea in reverse, a believer is a born-again, sanctified, and saved male or female following the teachings of Jesus Christ. 

Once a saved person dies, his or her soul, in a split-second, will directly ascend up to an area in heaven called PARADISE --- the blissful resting place of the souls of the dead believers. These souls rest consciously and peacefully in PARADISE until the SECOND COMING of Jesus Christ.

Jesus' first coming was for the sinners, but his SECOND COMING will be for his saints living on earth and in PARADISE.

What will happen at the SECOND COMING of Christ? 

First, the SAVED people in PARADISE will rise up from their burial grounds. To make it double-clear, at the SECOND COMING of Jesus, each dead person's soul from PARADISE will reunite with the buried body in the grave or with the scattered particles of the body lying on the earth or in the vast oceans or anywhere else. If an astronaut dies on another planet by an explosion of his space-shuttle, his body particles floating around will be reunited with his soul. 

Thus multiple millions of bodies will revive again in the twinkling of an eye. Each saved dead person will have a glorified and immortal body. This event is called the RESURRECTION or the redemption of the human body. 

The next thing that will happen within moments at the SECOND COMING OF JESUS is an electrifying event called THE RAPTURE. The word "rapture" simply means a mystical experience of great delight in which a person receives divine blessings. The Malayalam word used for "rapture" is "uthprapaanam" which suggests an "upward or delivering thrust" made possible with divine power. 

The RAPTURE is an event connected to to the CHURCH of the living God---in other words, connected to the saved believers who are alive on earth--- in every nation, in every nook and corner of the earth. As the RAPTURE happens, whenever it will happen, all faithful believers alive on earth will receive a glorified body. This is mentioned in the New Testament as TRANSFORMATION of the mortal body into an immortal body. 

The RESURRECTION of the dead believers and the RAPTURE (Transformation) of the living believers happen almost simultaneously, side by side within moments----the resurrection first, then the rapture within seconds.

To put it in a nutshell, RESURRECTION happens to the dead-believers in paradise and the RAPTURE happens to the living believers on earth.

Thus believers alive on earth who were transformed and the souls of believers from PARADISE who were resurrected from their burial places will join together within a few moments. These two groups together are called by a new name THE REDEEMED SAINTS OF GOD.
All REDEEMED SAINTS OF GOD will live in heavenly bliss with the LORD GOD THE FATHER JEHOVAH, with God's Son the CRUCIFIED LAMB JESUS CHRIST, and also with the multitudes of angels---forever---eternally---in perfect peace enjoying all the blessings of the Holy Spirit.

This glorified body shall never suffer sickness or death. 

We will also have an eternal reunion in this new divine residence with our saved relatives and spiritual brothers and sisters---both living and the dead. 

Those in this heavenly bliss will live like angels--- with no marriages or sexual feelings towards anyone. 

This Biblical concept of heaven differs from the concept of heaven given in QURAN. 
In the Islamic concept, faithful followers of ALLAH would get to sleep with many super-shaped beauty-queen-type ladies and enjoy a high degree of sensual pleasures. Even men who were ugly-looking on earth would get the prettiest looking girls when they reach heaven. 
QURAN specifically says that these men and ladies will live in a beach-like environment with a lot of water fountains.

Let us look at Hindu eschatology also in brief. 

According to Hinduism, at the moment of death, the human soul will reincarnate as another form of life. The soul will transmigrate into another human or animal or into other types of creatures. Thus a human could transmigrate to become a fish or an amphibian such as a frog. 
This means that just before the moment of death, a Hindu can hope to become immediately a frog leaping up and hopping around. 

According to the Buddhist philosophy, at the moment of death, our soul becomes extinct---completely extinguished---which means non-existent.

In the Bible, as opposed to the Muslim faith, all heavenly enjoyments are related to worship of God Almighty and spiritual satisfaction. Nobody would crave for or indulge in any physical passions. 

Jesus implied that people in their glorified bodies will not even desire any sexual pleasures as we will be overwhelmed with the praise-songs sung together by the sanctified people assembled from every nation and tribe. Jesus said specifically that there would be absolutely no marriages in heaven(Gospel of Mathew 22: 30; Luke 20:35--36). 

According to the words of Jesus, those who rejected Jesus will live in eternal separation from God in a place that the Bible calls "hell" ---a place of torment. 

A detailed understanding of what Christ taught about death and the destiny of the human soul can be gained by reading the second segment of the Bible called THE NEW TESTAMENT---about 266 pages in the Malayalam Bible and about 250 pages in the English Bible. This is only the size of a High School textbook of the length of an average novel. 

What a tragedy that most people have not read the New Testament which simply informs the destiny of our souls and also suggests how to redeem our souls from eternal spiritual death in hell. 

Jesus said that "hell" is a place of unbearable torment---both physically and mentally. 
Facebook friends, I challenge you to read the whole New Testament this year. Most questions you have about "life and life after death" (eschatology) are answered very clearly in the New Testament. 

If you read this unique book this year, your New Year will be happier than ever before. This I guarantee you. 

At least, read it to see what it says. 

You may read the New Testament for many purposes:: to understand Christianity better, to attack Christ or Christianity, to study it critically, to make fun of New Testament ideas, or to try to prove that what we believe is irrational and foolish
Whatever your purpose is, go ahead and start reading. Your purpose may even change while going through its pages. 

Whatever your purpose is, you are going to like the personality of Jesus---I guarantee you.

What you read in the first four books (Gospels) of the New Testament are not human opinions or metaphysical speculations or philosophical propositions. They are real facts about our past, present, and future.

Who gave these facts?

Jesus himself who healed the sick, raised the dead, and freed sinners from the bondage of sin, mental anguish, and various addictions. JESUS called himself THE GOOD SHEPHERD. Apostles called Jesus the chief of all shepherds, the one above all prophets, and the SON OF THE LIVING GOD.

They are not opinions, but facts. 

If you have never read the whole New Testament, you are a senseless person---- like a beggar who sleeps with a bag full of cash under the pillow or a starving person with a load of food in the refrigerator. 

The New Testament also narrates in simple language how we can lead a peaceful life on earth without the fear of death and sickness, and also without worries about day-to-day problems. You can live worry-free simply by faithfully following the teachings of the PRINCE OF PEACE JESUS CHRIST.

Dear friend, are you saved? 

Are you redeemed from eternal spiritual death?
Have you received the free gift of Eternal Salvation? 
Each one of us including me has sinned and deserves hell. But Jesus incarnated in Bethlehem to redeem us from sin and hell--- if we accept him as our Lord and Savior and follow his divine commandments. 

Jesus was sent to this world in AD 1, preached the path of salvation three full years from AD 30 to 33, became a sacrifice of atonement in AD 33, rose again from the grave on the third day after he was buried, then resurrected by God Almighty on a Sunday morning in AD 33. 
Jesus ascended up into heaven in AD 33 as a MEDIATOR between humans and God---offering humanity the gift of SALVATION. 

Please believe in the supernatural birth, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus in your heart, then confess these facts publicly or privately with your mouth, accept Jesus as your personal LORD, MASTER, and SAVIOR, and you will gain eternal life in a split-second. 
Read and study the words and deeds of JESUS in the second segment of the Bible called the NEW TESTAMENT. Follow the teachings of JESUS. 

Attend any church that you think follows the NEW TESTAMENT teachings and worship God and his Son Jesus with fellow-believers.

If you do the above, I assure you that you will experience a peace that you have never experienced before in your life. 

If you follow the teachings of Jesus, you will feel deep within your heart the assurance of SALVATION---which means that when you die your soul will ascend up to PARADISE where Jesus and the angels would stand up to welcome you, according to the New Testament(Acts 7: 54--60).

If you email me, I will send you a few free books for your spiritual growth. 

If you want, you can post a comment at the bottom of this post indicating that you have confessed what I suggested to you. In your comment, you can also ask people to pray for your spiritual growth. Hundreds of Facebook friends and viewers will pray for you. 
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With Love & Prayers, 

E. C. Samkutty, 
Professor of British Literature, Novelist, Lyricist, 
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16 September 2017

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