Aazhiyin Athipan, Malayalam Song Video by E. C. Samkutty

E.C. Samkutty: His Community Services in a Nutshell
March 14
Kindly encourage the composer of this song, Dr. E. C Samkutty, by sharing this well-designed and inspiring video-song to the maximum number of people.

Professor Ezhamkulam Chacko Samkutty has distributed 1,900,000(nineteen lakhs) of gospel books, booklets, tracts, as well as 51,000 copies of the New Testament from Kerala to New Delhi--- a good number of them between December 2004 and January 2017. 

Between 1989 and 1991, Samkutty attempted to reach the Keralite Community in America and Canada by mailing free his Full-Gospel historical novel PALAM THETTIYA THEEVANDI to 14, 000 home addresses of Malayalam-speaking immigrants. 

In addition, in the late 1980s, he has freely mailed more than ten thousand copies of his life-changing Cassette Tape Sermons to Keralite immigrants in USA and Canada.
Earning his family maintenance expenses from his full-time secular teaching job as an English Literature professor, he traveled far and wide on weekends in America and Canada preaching in Pentecostal and interdenominational conventions and youth seminars. 

In 2003, he ended his weekend traveling evangelistic ministry and began to focus on his free book distribution ministry in India.
After retiring in August 2017 from his state university teaching job, he has been serving our society as a Social Media Evangelist propagating his conservative ideas to Keralites living in every continent. He has devoted his energy and resources to encourage, enlighten, and inspire people as well as to fearlessly rebuke unhealthy, antisocial, and liberal trends that could lead to dangerous abominations in society.

In the last two years, he has been investing much time to develop an organization called CITIZENS AGAINST VERBAL VIOLENCE (C.A.V.V.) which he founded in October 2016. His goal is to create a sense of dignity and decency in people's social media communication style by educating media bullies to stop committing violence through words.

Beginning the year 1973, Samkutty has written 23 devotional songs in Malayalam language and four gospel lyrics in English, a handful of which are widely sung in Keralite churches across the globe.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Samkutty occasionally wrote articles and short stories in India's largest secular native language newspaper MALAYALA MANORAMA DAILY until he decided to leave secular literature and focus fully on religious writings. 

Dr. Samkutty's books have taken the Pentecostal message deeper and wider into the Keralite community on a global level than that of any other Indian writer. 
He leads a very simple and frugal life in Louisiana, spending most of his finances for the Kingdom of God, completely avoiding all wasteful customs and practices.

Professor Samkutty is a relentless fighter against wasteful luxurious lifestyles, violence in society, apostasy in Christianity, religious intolerance, erosion of moral principles, and vulgarity in the social media world. 
He believes in the rights of all people to follow their own conscience in matters of faith. At the same time, he honors every individual's right to propagate ideas of any religion and to engage in interreligious dialogues and debates.

He has close friends in all religions from Islam to Buddhism. Some of his close friends are downright atheistic professors who practice no religion a few of them holding anti-Christian views. He respects their right to choose their belief system. 

Professor Ezhamkulam Chacko Samkutty has sacrificed his popularity to fight courageously against Goliaths, Jezebels, Herodiases, Hitlers, Kayamkulam Kochunnies, Veerappans, Iagos, Judas Iscariots, and Lady Macbeths--- people who victimize innocent people through the practice of verbal and physical violence. 

He is trying his best to hunt down social media bullies, smoke them out, and chase away--those people who victimize people using FAKE IDs. 

Samkutty has suffered much at the hands of wicked social media bullies while performing his mission to stand up boldly in support of honest and hardworking politicians and religious leaders. 
He is determined to continue his fight against media bullies who slander and blackmail people in their cruel attempt to intimidate, defame, and discredit those who tell the truth and rebuke sin. 

E. C. Samkutty considers himself as a humble WATCHMAN- ON-DUTY identifying and rebuking Satan's agents on earth. His mission is to alert the faithful believers, so they will also be vigilant and watchful against questionable trends in society.

Prepared by One of the Well-Wishers of E. C. Samkutty

14 March 2018

E. C. Samkutty