The first novel ever written in India or outside that depicts the history and everyday life of the "Pentecostal Community."
Written in Malayalam by Dr. E. C. Samkutty


A collection of articles by E. C. Samkutty on a variety of topics.


A collection of thirteen interviews that Samkutty conducted with thirteen people who have experienced divine miracles in their lives.

Convention Season: How to Avoid Disrespectful Conduct - Varunnu-Varunnu

This booklet alerts readers about a few disrespectful conducts that negatively affect the spiritual atmosphere of religious conventions.

Inappropriate and Disturbing Conduct in Convention Pandals

Dozens of disrespectful behavior patterns that negatively affect the spiritual atmosphere of religious conventions.

No, No, To Human Mediators

In this booklet, Dr. E. C. Samkutty convincingly argues that praying through human mediators is unscriptural.

Miracle in My Life - English Booklet

This booklet narrates a personal miracle that Samkutty experienced while he was a student at Arkansas State University,, Jonesboro in 1973.

Sworgavum Narakavum Ellenkil (What If There Is No Heaven or Hell)

A booklet that attempts to show atheists that it is logical to believe in "Life after Death."

Today's Liberal Churches, Tomorrow's Problems

A tract attempting to show that wearing of jewelry must be avoided due to practical, spiritual, and Biblical reasons.