FROM: Dr. Ezhamkulam Samkutty, Professor of British Literature,
Novelist, Devotional Song-Writer [Founder-President, Citizens Against Verbal Violence], Louisiana, USA.[02 December 2017]

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TO: Members of the Church of God, India Pentecostal Church (IPC), Assembly of God, and All Other Pentecostal Denominations.

Kindly see below a few factual examples of several horrible sexual sins and female abuses committed by leaders(pastors) of various Pentecostal churches in Kerala in recent years. All of them are clinging on to their leadership positions without an open confession or public apology.  Church headquarters either protect the abusers or keep silent because they are afraid of the abusers due to their influence, wealth, connections with high-level political leaders, and Mafia-type rowdies associated with them.
Some have flatly denied their misconduct despite circumstantial or eyewitness evidence. Some keep on repeating the same old behavior.
The real names of pastors mentioned below are substituted with invented names to protect their innocent spouses and young children. I have also made a few minor changes in some incidents, so the public would not recognize who they are.
I will wait one year. They will be exposed to their real names and addresses if they run for future elections and try to continue their grip on the holy congregations of God.

The fact is that 98 % of the ordinary Pentecostal pastors are honest and morally upright.  I guess that at the most about 2 percent are bad apples. However, among leaders, about 25 % are corrupt sexually and financially. These stinking apples give a bad name for the whole Pentecostal Movement in India.
Kindly read the examples below to be aware of a few bad apples and a few wolves in sheep’s clothing. The number of such immoral leaders are increasing because the district, state, and national supervisors do not take necessary disciplinary actions.
Some top leaders are adulterers and millionaire money-hoarders themselves, so they lack the moral authority to punish the guilty.
See the following true stories of lady-trappers with substituted names:

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(1) This story below was given to me over the phone by a local church member after he talked to an eyewitness. The wife of a local 45-year -old pastor named “Varkey” sometimes go out of town visiting her parents. The pastor’s name is Varkey.  A handful of times, Pastor Varkey’s neighbor saw a good-looking married lady in the village named “Susie” sneaking into the parsonage when Varkey’s wife and two small children were out of town.
One evening, one shocked neighbor knocked at the door while Susie was inside, but Pastor Varkey and his “mistress Susie” acted like nobody was inside---all lights turned off.  After about an hour, the person saw the lady coming out through the back door and walking away at high speed.
When the church committee encountered Susie, she confessed her sin. But later, Pastor Varkey influenced Susie to deny the affair with a letter in her own handwriting saying that she never visited the pastor’s residence when he was alone.  The pastor’s wife, trying to protect her unfaithful husband’s future ministry, wrote a letter claiming that she was in the house on that evening when Susie entered her house.
She also wrote that she was sick with flu and was sleeping with the lights turned off and that Susi came to pray for her healing.  So Varkey’s sexual affair with Susie was converted into a “prayer session.”    
When a complaint was raised by the state headquarters, Pastor Varkey flatly denied the affair demanding concrete evidence. The circumstantial evidence were convincing, but his money, influence, his threatening mouth, in addition to the handwritten letters from his mistress Susie, helped Varkey to escape punishment.
Some top leaders in the State-Committee of the church also escaped punishment for their own sexual misconduct, so they had no moral authority to prosecute anyone.
This abuser Varkey is a District Pastor now in a traditional Pentecostal church. If he runs for a leadership position in future, his name will be published in my bulletin with eyewitness and circumstantial pieces of evidence.  
However, if his local church feels he has repented, he may continue to serve as an assisting pastor under a senior pastor and a few church-appointed spiritual counselors.
But someone who steals his neighbor’s wife is not qualified to serve the church in any official leadership capacity for at least three years.

(2) A district-level layman-board member named “Varghese” was found secretly and repeatedly visiting a pastor’s wife named “Molly” in the parsonage. Varghese visited Molly during daytime and evening hours with an envelope full of money when her husband was away for out of town conventions. Such secret visits became a talked-about topic in the neighborhood.
A local church member hid in a nearby house close to the parsonage when   Molly’s husband was out of town. He saw the rich layman-board-member going into the parsonage after parking his motor-bike behind the parsonage.  They found this man spending almost an hour in the parsonage two times when Molly and her young child were the only ones inside. Some neighbors also reported his visit to the parsonage a few times.
Because of his money and influence, and with no video-clip available, it was difficult to punish him.
The church headquarters was afraid to take actions because he has a few local rowdies available to him to defend him. The church headquarters was not taking actions against many other sex offenders in their attempt to protect influential pastors. So, they cannot single-out one ordinary district-board- member to punish while many corrupt pastors remain unpunished.
The above layman-board-member Varghese will be exposed if he runs again seeking re-election to the same position or another position.
It is up to the local church committee to decide whether he should be allowed to partake in the Holy Communion. My opinion is that “Mr. Varghese” and his mistress “Molly” should not partake Holy Communion for three years.
Varghese is guilty of stealing his local pastor’s wife, and Molly is guilty of stealing a local church member’s husband.

(3) This is regarding a rich Kerala pastor named “Thomas.”  He started a friendship with a beautiful poor Dalit housewife named Jessy who is a Sunday School Teacher and capable lady-speaker. He took Jessy in his expensive car for a conference in a nearby city.
Her husband drives an autorickshaw far and wide, so he is not at home to watch her movements. She told her husband and church members in advance that she would be traveling on a bus for the Sunday School Teachers’ conference.  
While in the car, the pastor Thomas promised 20,000 rupees for Jessy’s daughter’s nursing admission-donation. While driving, he handed Jessy an envelope with several thousand rupees as cash-advance for her daughter’s admission(donation). It was truly a cash-advance for sex which she did not realize first.  
As they reached near the conference venue, Pastor “Thomas” said that he was hungry. So, he took Jessy to his hotel room and ordered food for himself and Jessy by room service.
The Hindu room-service man who brought the food to his private room knew this pastor, his real wife, and his family because this rich pastor used to shepherd a traditional Pentecostal church near the Hindu’s house. The Hindu man realized that the lady in the room is not his wife but his mistress.
The secret meeting of Thomas with Jessy in the hotel room was exposed by the Hindu in their villages through phone calls.
The lady confessed to her husband that she had a quick unexpected sexual affair with the rich pastor in the hotel room.  She claimed she was forced into it by Pastor Thomas.  Jessy’s husband threatened to attack Pastor Thomas. He divorced Jessy when he got a job in a Gulf country within a few months.  
Pastor Thomas bribed the Hindu hotel worker and the hotel clerks with several thousand rupees to keep the matter secret and to destroy all documents of his stay in the hotel.
Pastor Thomas is still a state-level leader in a traditional Pentecostal church.  He will be exposed if he runs for any leadership positions in future.

(4) A known middle-aged married Kerala evangelist named “Jose Philip” was in a big city outside of Kerala. This famous evangelist of national stature was staying in a hotel.
During the second day of his stay in the hotel, Pastor Jose Philip wanted to see the famous museum in the city.  He did not know the city at all.  So, in the morning a 14-year old local Pentecostal teenage-girl named Valsa was sent by her elder guardian to accompany Philip to take him around for sight-seeing.  
This innocent immature 14-year old girl “Valsa” has taken many other old and middle-aged Malayalee male and female church-leaders for sight-seeing ever since she was eleven years old. This young, beautiful, and energetic Valsa was born and brought up in the city and knew the museum grounds quite well, and she spoke the official language of the state also. Her parents knew Evangelist Philip for many years.
Once Jose Philip and Valsa got into the autorickshaw on their way to the museum, the middle-aged evangelist Philip began to wrap his right hand around Valsa’s body during the 20-minute travel.  He also sat close to this innocent girl in the back seat slightly touching her body for at least 15 minutes.
Immature and innocent Valsa took it first as an “innocent caring touch” of an older married uncle.  Also, she did not know what to do and how to react when a well-known evangelist of heroic status wraps his loving and “godly” hands around her.
She was used to trusting her local pastors, guest pastors, and local church-elders 100 percent, and nobody ever betrayed that trust. All elder pastors treated her protectively like their own tiny-tender precious daughter.
After visiting the museum in the morning and late morning and noon hours, Evangelist Philip took her to a restaurant for lunch around 2 pm.  She was shocked that Pastor Philip ordered a very large glass of alcohol and drank the whole beverage with his lunch.
On the way back to drop her at her home in an auto-riksha, Jose Philip sat too close to Valsa, hugging her too tightly in a lusty grip. His lips were touching her lips and her beautiful light-complexioned face occasionally.
That was when Valsa got the whiff of the pungent smell of alcohol in Philip’s breath. That was also when she realized that his touch was not as innocent as she first presumed.
But she did not know how to react, given the fact that the big autorickshaw driver was probably aware of the Philip-drama in the back seat. Any angry reaction by her would have caused the rickshaw driver to stop his vehicle by the side of the road and beat the hell out of this passionate evangelist.
Valsa’s decision on that day was to keep the whole incident secret.  If exposed to her parents and elders, she feared it would bring shame to her also as people may consider her polluted with a man’s lusty touch.
So, to protect herself, Valsa never shared the rickshaw-backseat incident with anyone until recently when she decided to expose him and share it with me and my wife. She wants me now to expose this fake-evangelist.
In the afternoon after eating lunch, Jose Philip dropped her at her house in the autorickshaw but did not go into the house---probably because people could have smelt alcohol in his breath.
Out of fear for her own future, she mentioned nothing to her family members.     
For many years, Valsa has been occasionally bubbling up with anger whenever she remembers how Pastor Philip disrespected her chaste body--- blowing out his alcohol-smelling breath at her face pressing her lips.
What a horrible act that this roadside Romeo treated her tender innocent body as a sex-object!!!!
Why did Evangelist Jose Philip order a big glass of alcohol?
Valsa has convincing evidence that Pastor Philip was sleeping with a mistress-friend named “Daisy” in his hotel room the previous night.
Valsa also has convincing circumstantial evidence that Pastor Jose Philip and Daisy slept together in the same hotel-room one more night.
Philip and Daisy knew each other for a few years, and many people have seen them chatting longer than usual at the end of many public meetings.
Coming back to the alcohol issue, Evangelist Philip probably wanted to soothe down and numb his guilt- feelings with a big glass of alcohol.  This happened in a state outside of Kerala, so Valsa did not see any Keralite in the restaurant.
Philip, a sex-expert, knew where and how to engage in horrible sins undetected---playing with sin very safely. He was hiding his friendship with Daisy from his wife Mrs. Shylaja Philip.
Valsa feels now that she and other believers have no obligation to protect “mistress” Daisy because Daisy was flirting with and stealing the husband of Shylaja Philip---repeated stealing.  
Ladies like Daisy were stoned to death in the Old Testament---but free from condemnation under the blood of JESUS, according to the New Testament. Having stolen someone else’s husband, Daisy cannot demand consideration. Valsa was too young to advise Daisy when she knew of Daisy sleeping in the hotel with Evangelist Jose Philip.
Nowadays, Pastor Jose Philip does not take actions against sexually corrupt pastors because he himself is a horrible womanizer, virginity-ravisher, and housewife-stealer.
His victim, the 14-year old girl Valsa, is now a housewife. She talked to me and my wife recently revealing her shocking museum-day with sex-crazy evangelist Jose Philip. She felt that I have dedicated my life to expose and fight abomination in holy places and that I would not let this repeated adulterer escape easily.  
Valsa reads my Facebook posts and knows that I am committed to fighting immorality and verbal violence in the church world. She trusted me enough to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. She knows that I will treat her as my own sister and expose her anger and pains to the public.
It was only when she was grown up that Valsa realized the seriousness of the situation connected to her autorickshaw ride to the museum and back to her house. 
Valsa is determined to expose Pastor Philip if he contests in elections for future leadership positions. Even if he runs uncontested, she will expose him. He should never be a leader or major convention speaker.
Valsa asserts: “I personally will try to do all I can to dethrone Pastor Jose Philip. It took many months to expose King David. It took many years to expose Joseph’s evil brothers. But they were all exposed at the end, for sure. We cannot play games with God. Our God is a consuming fire. He will make you sow what you reap.   
Valsa is so thankful now that she was not taken to Jose Philip’s hotel room at the beginning of the museum trip in the morning.  She could have been sexually seduced by Pastor Philip.  
((The Valsa stated to me this: “At that innocent unsuspecting age, it is easy for young girls like me to fall into the trap of an old experienced sex-monster…...  If he had invited me to his room in the morning, I probably would have gone to his room in complete trust suspecting nothing---like to the room of my own brother…. But I would never have gone to his room after the rickshaw ride and after his alcohol drinking. It took me an hour to really know who Jose Philip really is.”)).

Valsa cannot anymore tolerate seeing this evil man jump up and down on the convention stages.

Valsa believes that I would be bold enough to share her anger and pain with the public through my Facebook Account and website>> &

My Facebook Account titles are:
Ezhamkulam Samkutty
Ezhamkulam Chacko Samkutty  

Out of the two, the main page now is "Ezhamkulam Samkutty” where I post more articles.

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Coming back to Evangelist Jose Philip and Valsa, the public needs to know that some pastors cannot be trusted with the opposite sex. The fact is that 98 percent of pastors are trustworthy. Only a few (2%) are loose lady-trappers, but these small number of bad apples give a bad name for the whole Pentecostal Movement.

Valsa also feels now that her guardian should never have sent her out for sightseeing with a man. Her guardian was risking Valsa’s future---throwing her in front of a wild and crazy bull. From that day onwards, Valsa stopped accompanying males to the museum. She was smart enough to absorb a wise lesson from a bad experience.
Why Philip stayed in a hotel when there were hundreds of Pentecostal homes in the same area?

Valsa suspects now that Evangelist Jose Philip had made prearrangements with his mistress-friend “Daisy” to sleep together in the hotel. The hotel-stay was meant to facilitate his sexual adventures with Daisy.

Valsa recently called me and my wife after reading a few of my Facebook posts. She wants this sex-maniac to be exposed with his real name if Pastor Philip ever runs in any church election for an official position anywhere in India. She calls him now the “RUTHLESS--RECKLESS ADULTERER JOSE PHILIP.”


(5) One local Keralite pastor (named George) loaned a large amount of money (about seventeen lakh rupees) from a rich and highly employed housewife named Prasanna without her husband knowing the matter.
Later, without her permission, he secretly invested the money in a company for three years for a profit-making scheme.
Despite repeated requests, he would not pay back the amount. Most investments are done for a long time---two or three years at least, and the investor must pay a big fine if the money is withdrawn earlier.
Finally, Prasanna forced him to pay back the loan. At the end of three years, he returned 17 lakh rupees but gave her no interest amount. He did not share any investment-profit with her either.

(6) This top leader from Kerala named “Joseph” was visiting the USA. He stayed in a home one night with a young man, his pretty but loose wife, and two tiny children. The next morning, the husband gave Pastor Joseph a donation in check as he was getting ready for his departure.
Quickly, the husband had to go to the parking lot in front of his apartment to take something from his car.
When he returned to his house, he found through the glass-window his wife in the arms of the visiting pastor--- deeply hugging and kissing. This pastor had visited this girl in her parents’ house in India and they knew each other well from her childhood.
The husband pounced forward to beat up Pastor Joseph but pulled back in the context of the age and seniority of Joseph.  Another reason the husband withdrew physical attack was this: He was afraid that if Pastor Joseph happened to fall dead or hurt in his house, he would be arrested by the police.
This top leader will be exposed if he runs for any future elections within three years.


(7) This abuser below is a local pastor named Benjamin who lives in a metropolitan city in India where there are a few Nursing Colleges. The students in the nursing colleges used to get a few weeks of holidays every year.  Benjamin was attracted to a good-looking female nursing student Jolly.  She was attending his local church on Sundays.  People noticed that he was showing special attention to Jolly.
Pastor Benjamin told the student Jolly the following announcement: “I am going to Kerala with my wife and children to visit my parents and a few old sick relatives. You can travel with me and my family to Kerala. I will get the train-ticket for you when I go to purchase the tickets for my family.” 
The following week, the nursing student Jolly came to the railway station with her suitcases. Benjamin handed her the ticket he bought for her. She offered him the money for the ticket. But he asked her to consider it as a gift for her. She felt very obliged to him and accepted it.
With the ticket in her hand, Jolly was looking for Benjamin’s wife and children.
Jolly realized that Pastor Benjamin’s wife and children are not with him at the railway station.
He explained to her: “My wife got the flu first. Then the children got the flu. They are all very sick with very high fever. They cannot travel. They are all on the bed at home.”
Jolly was in a predicament. She cannot go back to the hostel because the hostel was closed for the holidays. Her parents are expecting her in Kerala. So, she decided to travel with Pastor Benjamin.
Jolly first sat with a few other adult ladies in a separate compartment. But Pastor Benjamin told her that it is not safe for her to sit with strangers and that even older ladies could grab and steal her two small suitcases. In obedience to him, she came and sat in the same compartment in which Benjamin was seated.
When the train reached Andhra(Madras?), Benjamin said that there would be an extra delay for the train to Kerala.  So, he rented a room with two beds near the railway station to rest a few hours until the connecting train to Kerala arrived. While in the room, Pastor Benjamin slowly enticed Jolly, and the innocent unsuspecting girl ended up yielding to him sexually—thus losing her chastity forever.
She still carries the guilt from it. She is now willing to expose the misconduct of Pastor Benjamin.
Jolly later realized that Pastor Benjamin had played this Kerala travel-trick with two other female nursing students. He did it by pretending to visit Kerala with his wife and children, but telling at the railway station that his family members are sick with flu. This gave him a chance to travel alone with a lady and misuse her for his pleasure.
His plot involved renting a room at the mid-point city.
Only three nursing students reported this misconduct when they matured, but nobody knows how many unsuspecting girls this pastor has abused in previous years and later years.
This article will hopefully be a warning to other nursing students in other cities not to fall prey to such sex hawks.


Late Mr. T. S. Balan has exposed so many wicked religious leaders. Some of his articles were false accusations, some exaggerated stories, some invented lies, most were truthful reporting of incidents connected to fake leaders.
Mr. T.S. Balan was a serious social reformer despite his several exaggerations, a few lies, a handful of character assassination attempts, and his habitually vulgar vocabulary and spiteful idiomatic expressions.
T.S. Balan did indeed hurt a few innocent people evidenced by the guilty-verdict he got from the court of law.  However, I admit that T.S. Balan’s imperfect methods produced some positive results. But I do not advise anyone to follow his vulgar social media style. 
Being sick and tired of the corruption within our church leadership, T.S. Balan turned out to be an angry man himself. Part of his failure was that he trusted many dishonest journalists who were feeding him with forged reports full of lies.
False leaders are in all religions and denominations--- from Hinduism to Islam---from Catholicism to Pentecostalism.  Most Pentecostal pastors (98 %) are honest and morally upright. But a few wolves in sheep’s clothing are giving the good pastors a bad name.
Why is this so?
Because we are afraid to expose the wicked. Top leaders in our church headquarters do not punish the wicked due to their fears of retaliation and possibility of losing in future elections. Some leaders themselves are sex-hawks.
I have personally decided to expose immoral leaders without fear if they dare to seek leadership positions in future elections.
In 2016 April, I dedicated my life to God as a living sacrifice willing to suffer any attacks from evil opponents. For me to live is Christ. To suffer for the sake of morality is a gain. I want to share with you the pains of innocent girls and women victimized by carnal pastors.
Many immoral leaders are shrewd politicians and can bribe people, buy votes, and win elections. They are worldly-smart manipulators.  If we fail to expose these sex abusers and dishonest leaders, our boat will collapse and sink.

If you have eyewitness evidence or convincing circumstantial evidence or video clips to prove abominations in holy places, please send them to me. I will expose them if the information you give is truthful and verifiable. Each one of us has the obligation to serve as watchman and watch-woman. If we stop electing and re-electing immoral pastors to local, regional, state, national, and international leadership positions, we can save our sinking boat.
Again, let us not forget that 98 % of our pastors are honest, hardworking, and morally upright. Let us elect such moral people to all official positions in all future elections.

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If you request through my three email addresses, I will send you my phone number and WhatsApp number.  I pledge not to voice-record your telephone calls so that you can talk to me openly without the fear of being recorded. I record only calls that involve threats or violence. If I ever record a normal call, I pledge to get your permission first. I consider a voice recording appropriate only with the agreement of both parties. I will keep your calls strictly confidential.
Let us work together to expose the maximum number of immoral leaders flourishing in the Pentecostal Movement undetected.
02 December 2017

Let offending pastors ask for forgiveness from God and be restored. However, if they cling on to their leadership chair for more than two years, I will identify them publicly.  If they really repent, I will not question their right to share the gospel to win souls, to engage in humanitarian services, or to serve the local church in a limited capacity under a senior pastor and elder counselors--- without any official leadership role. 
No human, including me, can be a perfect judge. However, the New Testament(Bible) allows imperfect members of a church to investigate, cross-examine, and apply the perfect teachings of JESUS CHRIST to judge and punish misbehaving church members.    In most American churches, Pastors caught for immoral behavior are required to subject themselves to a three-year “DISCIPLINARY-RESTORATION PERIOD” withdrawing themselves from official leadership duties. 

Some churches in America never allow pastors caught in sexual immorality to preach.  After properly disciplined and punished, the offenders are sometimes appointed for non-preaching duties. Anyone who steals another person’s spouse or sexually ravishes a person must not preach for three years, according to the guidelines of most evangelical churches.  Repeat-offenders are never allowed to preach in an official capacity.

####### END #######

E. C. Samkutty