Jibu Jacob Abraham Spreads Utter Lies Against Servants of God

Respected Readers in the Keralite Community,


I am sharing an article written on March 10, 2017 which was removed by the Facebook Corporation because somebody complained about the content this article. In this article, based on convincing evidence, I have tried to expose the cruel deeds of a social media group named “Malayalee Pentecostal Free-Thinkers” (MPFT). This group was founded by Kozhenchery native Mr. Jibu Jacob Abraham, presently working in Australia.

Jibu Jacob Abraham (MPFT), Australi

For sevaral months, Mr. Jibu Jacob has been orchestrating a well-planned demonic mission to defame pastors and evangelists with manufactured lies, create deep wounds in the hearts of servants of God with profane cartoons, engage in character assasination using violent words, mock fellow-believers obscene social media posts, use rendered prostitutes to trick religious leaders into sex allegtions, bribe poor people in North Kerala to produce false witnesses and testemonies against religious workers, blackmail servants of God, threatening physical and emotional attacks, sending virus infected files through social media mailboxes, producing video-clips full of invented lies against pastors and evangelists, misrepresenting religious workers, attempting to cause mass-level misunderstanding related to religious workers, inventing false reports connected to sex allegations,  hemosexuality, abortions and financial accusations against soul-winning workers in the religious field.


Jibu Jacob Abraham has been either directly engaged in the above attrocities or indirectly manipulating his associates, collaborators, admins of MPFT to perform such evil deeds. Jibu’s Facebook comments convincingly prove that he is in support of everything that his associates and co-workers do.


The article shared below was posted on my Facebook page on March 10th Friday night. When I woke up Saturday morning, it was removed from my page by Facebook Company. Obviously, Jibu Jacob Abraham or some of his social media mafia associates complained about my article to Facebook. My assumption is that Jibu Jacob Abraham was hit hard by my article in which I convincingly presented his evil deeds against men of God.


Jibu Jacob Abraham likes to attack other people, but he does not want to be attacked back. Jibu likes to spread lies about others, be he does not want any truth to be told about himself. He wants to hide behind MPFT admins and wound others, but he doesn’t want to be receive any wounds which he well deserves. So, this may have prompted him to report my articles to Facebook that exposes truthfully his misdeeds.


Please read carefully the article below to see how Jibu is harassing servants of God backed up by his money, political influence, and natural arrogance.

Binu V. David with his modestly-dressed wife.

They both have labored many years sincerely in North India, suffering unfavorable weather conditions and many other hardships associated with ministering in the North Indian fields. He is also working as a Bible-Institute Registrar in North India.


A few weeks ago, Pastor Binu shared with me on the phone how the "Malayalee Pentecostal Free Thinkers" group (MPFT) supported by Jibu Jacob Abraham has put tears in his eyes and in the eyes of many people that he personally knows.


Slander and verbal violence are two daily weapons that MPFT uses. MPFT's major mission is to dig out past mistakes of pastors that happened almost half a century ago and to invent fresh lies to hurt people they dislike. This group was founded in 2012 in Australia by a Kozhenchery-native liar named Mr. Jibu Jacob Abraham. Evidence is mounting to convince me that Jibu Jacob is in support of the wounding deeds committed by MPFT admins and collaborators from Oman to UAE to North Kerala.

Binu V. David & his Wife

Recently Jibu Jacob had produced a video attacking evangelist Pastor Shameer Kollam trying to cause shame to a servant of God. The attack is merciless but done in sugar-coated and polite language smoothened with honey-dripping vocabulary. He speaks like a gentleman, but there is blood in his words. The video is 100 percent lies.


One of the chief weapons of Jibu Jacob and his team is to shock people with manufactured accusations connecting people to sex-abuse, financial irregularities, homesexuality, and abortions. Some venomous snakes first inject poison into it’s prey to stun and benumb and make them helpless. Jibu and his mafia gang are using the same technique to shock and benump his victims. Most of Jibu’s victims are not athiests or smugglers or murderers, but are soul-winning and dedicated pastors and evangelists.


It is possible to dig out major or minor mistakes in the lives of most people in the world. The technique of Jibu is to dig out some past mistakes committed decades and decades ago and even half a century ago. Jibu and his team knows that if they can invent the sins of homosexuality or sex affairs, they can confuse and benumb them to a condition of helplessness. Some people do not want such lies to be spread. So, they swallow Jibu’s poisons without complaint. The victims fear that if they complain and make noice about the evils, more people will know about these lies and some may end up believing the lies. So, they swallow and their pride and sit silent allowing Jibu and his team to murder them mentally.


Jibu and his gunda team are merciless because they don’t consider how manufactured accusations would hurt their helpmates, children, and present ministry.


Despite of all MPFT evils, some people are helping MPFT in many ways. The Bible says how to treat people like Jibu Jacob Abraham who produces videos to spread utter lies. Jibu totally failed to supervise his organization responsibly. I have evidence to prove that Jibu Abraham collaborated with his admins to commit violence with words. Recently, IPC General Treasurer and millionaire Mr. Saji Paul interviewed the wicked admins of MPFT on Powervision Channel and highlighted these verbal bullies giving them saintly recognition. IPC General Secretary Pastor K.C. John sir also has promoted them on television granting them accolades these bullies do not deserve. Well-known orator Pastor Philip P. Thomas was also approached by MPFT admins, but PPT was wise enough not to shower down praises on these villains.

Evil Deeds of "Malayalee Pentecostal Free Thinkers"(MPFT). Dr. E. C. Samkutty (Louisiana. March 7, 2017).

[[[Commentary on Pastor Binu V. David's Video]]].

Pastor Binu is exposing the crime of the manufacturing of Fake-IDs. Evidence is mounting that MPFT, founded by Kozhenchery native Mr. Jibu Jacob Abraham, is involved in directly or indirectly attacking servants of God hiding behind Fake-IDs. Many of Jibu Jacob Abraham's statements(screenshots) reveal that he is initiating or supporting the evil deeds of the admins or collaborators of MPFT. Jibu personally produced a video clip against Pastor Shameer Kollam which now is proven 100 percent false(lies) through a response video recently produced by Pastor Shameer Kollam himself. I have posted Shameer's video on another Facebook page named >"Ezhamkulam Samkutty."

The speaker of this video, Binu V.David, is a pastor and works full-time as a Bible Institute Registrar. He did not consult with me in advance about this video. He called me many weeks ago to inform that this video was posted. Then only I knew about this video-clip. I have absolutely no input in this video. I did not know that my name is used in it until I listened to it many weeks ago. Whatever he produced in this video is solely his own mind speaking. What Pastor Binu V. David spoke about me in two sentences is correct. I am also a victim of MPFT slander and lies. I am glad he mentioned me. However, I requested him to tell me ahead of time and read to me whatever he plans to say about me in future. If he wants to use me in future as an example for MPFT victimization, that is okay. This video exposes the evil deeds and verbal violence committed by an organization called "Malayalee Pentecostal Free Thinkers" (MPFT) founded in 2012 by Kozhenchery native Jibu Jacob Abraham who works in Australia.


PS: In the video below, the speaker is Pastor Anish Kavalam who has been mercilessly attacked by Malayalee Pentecostal Free Thinkers (MPFT) group and its collaborators. The MPFT was founded by Kozhenchery native Jibu Jacob Abraham who presently resides in Australia.

Uploaded by ANISH KAVALAM BRIGADE on 2017-03-08.


My research assistants and I together have collected more than two thousand screen shots and 2,300 printouts which document the following serious offenses by MPFT admins or their close collaborators:

(1) Propagation of utter lies

(2) Personally wounding obscene cartoons

(3) Comments full of profane and disrespectful language

(4) Slander

(5) Blackmailing

(6) Implied physical attacks and death-threats

(7) Using prostitutes in North Kerala to trick servants of God into sex allegations

(8) Misusing online tabloid papers to publish false reports against pastors and evangelists

(9) Bribing church leaders to gain favorable opinions about MPFT

(10) Sending virus-infected mail to social media message boxes to sabotage computers and steal financial and other data

(11) Blackmailing and shocking innocent servants of God with manufactured allegations regarding sexual sins, abortions, incest, and homosexuality

(12) Threatening servants of God assuming that villain Jibu Jacob Jacob Abraham's money, political influence, and mafia group can help them escape punishment

(13) Accusing mental and physical sicknesses in others sitting thousands of kilometers away without medical examination and posting such information on walls

(14) Supporting and clicking "LIKES" for those writers who post erotic and pornographic stories

(15) Posting sexually enticing chats and comments by young and middle-aged ladies that will not be approved by Moses' law or the edicts of Elijah of Mt. Carmel

(16) Posting comments by young and middle-aged ladies that contain implied references to private organs (sex organs) of two male admins of MPFT which also will not be approved by prophet Elijah of Mt. Carmel.

(17) MPFT admin's use of horrible profanity that begins and ends with the syllable "Mai..." and ends with ""

(18) Slandering servants of God with lies, then attempting to escape saying that somebody else did it with Fake IDs

(19) Using Fake IDs with Hindu and Muslim and strange names and posting vulgar comments by them on MPFT pages.

(20) Hiring people in North Kerala who appear to be clean as gold (and spadigam) but actually corrupt as rusted iron. Using such people to help out MPFT admins with false testimonies.

(21) Use of vulgar language by admins and posting other people's street language on MPFT page.

(22) supporting writers who sit in Muslim countries and produce illicit sex literature breaking Islamic rules

(23) Admin working in nations like Saudi Arabia as teachers, then threatening servants of God that he would use  his influence in the present Communist Government to cause harm to his opponents. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be notified soon.

(24) Jibu Jacob Abraham is a heartless villain and liar who is actually behind all the evils committed by MPFT.


I have his statements(screenshots) to substantiate my complaint against him. Recently Jibu produced a video against Pastor Shameer Kollam. Shameer produced a response video proving that Jibu's accusations are 100 % lies. There is no lack of documentations to prove the above allegations, but there is a lack of time to organize the documents date by date, person by person, name by name, place by place, offense by offense, and crime by crime. I need until the end of May to organize thousands of documents. I am working full time, so hard-pressed for time.


 I have two weeks off from work in the month of May to prepare and think and pray deeply on this serious matter.;;;

 If you have any documentations to prove MPFT wickedness, please mail to

E.C. Samkutty, PO.Box 40092, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70835--0092,USA


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