Pressy ER


Kindly see the picture of a lady who tried to contact me several nights at mid-night hours. Her Facebook messages to me came at the same time when Mr. Lalu Varghese and his collaborators were posting utter lies against me on MPFT page and on Lalu’s personal account page. To be specific, this lady in the picture first contacted me within twenty-four hours from the time Lalu Varghese attempted to engage in character assassination. It is possible that someone connected to Lalu Varghese and MPFT stole this picture and used the picture to trick me into sex-allegations. This was not a normal friend-request. Pressy ER specifically sent beep signals to me with a foot note saying that she wanted to chat with me on an emergency matter. The first time she called, she sent me net messages several times after midnight. Also in the same week, she continued to signal me on my Facebook message box to call her for an urgent matter. She also started to post this beautiful picture several times on my Facebook page. I suspected that she was working on behalf of MPFT to trick me into sexual talk and then mess me up with sex allegations. It is possible that this Pressy ER is a fake ID, and Lalu Varghese and Jibu Jacob Abraham along with their collaborators were hiding behind this fake ID to trick me into sex talk and damage my reputation. MPFT is known to do such character assassination attempts on many people.

Any lady who calls an unknown man several times in late mid night hours to chat with him can be called a "prostitute" theoretically. But practically speaking this lady may be an innocent lady being misused by MPFT admins employing deceptive techniques. Realise that I am living 16,000 Kilometers away from "Madam Pressy ER". Don't forget that Pressy was also posting her "full-size" youthful photo on my personal Facebook wall. What kind of emergency causes a female to post her picture on a man's Facebook wall?

I find it hard to believe that there was an emergency other than an emergency need for Jibu Jacob Abraham to trick me into sex allegations.

Jibu Jacob Abraham and Lalu Varghese do not want this crime to be exposed, so they meddled with my Facebook account three times this year. And at present my Facebook posting-function is disabled. I can still open and read my old posts and new comments and messages from my friends, but I cannot post or share any item for thirty days starting March 11th. To compensate for that I am uploading all posts on to my websites one-by-one, and whatever was and is on my Facebook page will be available on my website blogs. I will still continue to expose the shameful crimes of Jibu Jacob Abraham and his team on my websites. Also, I am creating two new Facebook accounts under the following two names:

1.     “EC Samkutty”

2.     “Ezhamkulam Samkutty”

By Dr. E. C. Samkutty, Professor of English Literature, Novelist, and Devotional Lyricist
March 09, 2017, Louisiana.


Dear Malayalee Pentecostal Pastors, Evangelists, Elders, Writers, Brothers and Sisters:

A few months ago, MPFT admins Mr. John Job Philips and Lalu Varghese began to post comments against me that were rude, insensitive and full of lies. They were doing it in support of Mr. Joe Thomas Pathanapuram(Oman).

Joe Thomas was attacking me for reasons that I do not exactly know.

Joe Thomas posted publicly that I am mentally sick calling me many offensive names. The truth is that, by the grace of God, I am healthy mentally and physically --- working full-time five days a week at the age of sixty-seven. Joe Thomas’ wife Feby Joe Thomas (a nurse in Oman Ruwi Medical Center) defamed me internationally by posting on my page that I am mentally sick and need to see a psychiatrist. She was trying to support her husband who was attacking me for no real reasons.

When Feby Joe Thomas posted this foolishness, she was sitting 13,200 kilometers away from me. She did not perform any blood test, brain scan, or any kind of medical examination on me. Without any medical checkup, she declared that I am mentally sick and I need to see a psychiatrist. It is illegal to publicize a person’s illness whether true or not. It is also illegal to diagnose a person's sickness without medical tests.

Within two months, I will be filing a defamation complaint against Feby Joe Thomas with the Department of Health, Sultanate of Oman.

Malayalee Pentecostal Free Thinkers (MPFT) and its collaborators work together as a gang to round-up and attack people they dislike. So, Lalu Varghese and John Job Philips began to post several scathing comments against me and against my books. Their behavior is like a pack of wolves that surround a deer --- barking, biting, circling, and finally killing.

Lalu in his post accused that I made two Dalit ladies pregnant in North Kerala and one Syrian Christian lady pregnant in a village five miles from Thiruvalla. His Facebook post also accused that I forced abortions on these three ladies.

He further accused that even though I sexually abused these three ladies, I refused to marry them because their parents could not afford to give me the huge dowry that I demanded.

The mystery of the whole accusation is this>>I was in America from August 1970 until May 1978---- until I finished my education. That was eight long years straight----- away from Kerala with no visit to Kerala. Once I got my doctoral degree on May 9th, 1978, I bought a plane ticket to Kerala and landed at Trivandrum on May 17th. After I arrived home, I went to our local Church building and prayed four hours every day for three days so that God will lead me to the right lady to marry.
On June 20th, Pastor P. A. V. Sam and Sister Mary Kovoor took me to Pushpa’s home with my parents. That was my first meeting with Pushpa.

Pushpa and I got married on July 13th Thursday (1978).

The truth is this, in June of 1978, two weeks before I first met Pushpa, I visited a house five miles from Thiruvalla to see a girl having been invited to see her by her elder brother and her father. I met the girl and her mother in their house, and talked to her and her mother for twenty minutes. I ate some refreshments at the house and left within 30 minutes.

Believe me, I did not make her pregnant. I have never seen her before that day.

This girl I saw at Thiruvalla was a member of The Full Gospel Church of God. Joe Thomas’ father late Pastor O. C. Thomas was a district pastor of the Church of God. I am sure, O. C. Thomas (who I fondly called “O. C. Achayan”) knew about this proposal. Maybe Joe Thomas heard about this Thiruvalla marriage proposal from O. C. Thomasachayan.

It is possible that Joe Thomas and Lalu Varghese probably conspired together to manufacture an interesting story of pregnancy related to this Thiruvalla girl. I say this because, I have screenshots of several posts by bully Joe Thomas which makes accusations that are 100 % lies. I am going to make him answer legally for his lying tongue.

Lalu Varghese (MPFT admin) posted these three sex allegations and ensuing abortions. I did not respond to him, but only prayed.

Again, to tell the truth, I never knew any Dalit ladies in North Kerala. I never had any kind of contacts or correspondence with any Dalit ladies anywhere in the world.

The mystery of it is this>> I was in America all these eight years, and Lalu Varghese never explained to me how I could make any girl in Kerala pregnant while sitting 16,000 kilometers away in America.
+++It seems to me that MPFT has an ongoing underground mafia operation in North Kerala. It also seems to me that MPFT has a group of people in North Kerala who would not mind to give false testimonies for a few thousand rupees. I will explain below why I say this.

Within twenty-four hours from the time Lalu Varghese posted his manufactured lies against me, I heard an internet call signal on my computer late midnight from a lady messaging me that I should call her immediately. The message conveyed that it was an emergency. The message also said she is from Kannoor.

The same night she messaged me several times. I did not respond to her messages because I felt that Lalu Varghese or some admins of MPFT were trying to trick me into some sex allegations. Another reason I did not call her back was that I suspected that she’s a “prostitute” hired by MPFT----- in order to trick me into a sex scandal. All this online calls came after mid-night.
The next morning, the same lady posted her beautiful photo on my Facebook wall without my permission. The same lady continued to ring me for several nights. She also continued to post her photos on my page.

Her name is “Pressy ER.”

I watched her profile page on the computer for several days. She was also playing with her identity because one picture on her profile page looked like she’s Anglo-Indian. For several months, I watched her profile page on my computer. She was posting different pictures at different times. The pictures were of different people. The saree-clad picture that she posted first disappeared in a few days.

A few weeks after her first call, I wanted to know who she is as part of my investigation into Lalu’s criminal activities. 

So, I responded to her message. I also remember posting a religious comment on her timeline. She responded with a short text with a lot of angry words against me. My wife and I responded politely to her wrath and messaged her saying that we are praying for her.

I am posting Pressy’s first photo that she posted on my page. 

If any of my readers recognize this person’s face, please inform me. This is part of my personal investigation. Through this, we may be able to have some insight into the underground illegal operations of MPFT admins.

I have reasons to suspect that the MPFT has a person by the name “Spadigam” who may be a secret agent of MPFT. I suspect that Mr. Spadigam may give false testimonies related to sex allegations for a certain amount of money.

Again, if any of you know who this saree-clad person is, please let me know. If I decide to go to court on this matter in May-June of this year, my lawyer may also ask me to submit information about Pressy ER.

Once the cyber detective questions “Pressy ER,” useful details about Malayalee Pentecostal “Non-Thinking” gunda team under Jibu Jacob Abraham will emerge.
There is a slight possibility that this is a photo of an Indian lady stolen from somewhere, and a man is hiding behind the Fake-ID. In that case, PRESSY ER may be an invented name. 
I have verifiable evidence to prove that villain Jibu Jacob Abraham was aware of the evil deeds of MPFT admins.

E. C. Samkutty, PO Box 40092,
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70835 – 0092, USA.
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