Fibin Jacob, Doha, Spills out Pornographic Literature to Pollute and Corrupt the Minds of Our Youth

A Malayalee young husband Fibin, who is a recognized worldwide literary genius with a special anointing from Eriskeegal, the Babylonian Queen of the Underworld. 
He writes a lot of sexy short stories that will make you collapse on the floor. Fibin is a close collaborator of the Malayalee Pentecostal Free Thinkers founded by Jibu Jacob Abraham, Australia.

The mantle from Queen Ishtar (the goddess of love) fell on Fibin's head a few months ago, so now he has a "Double Portion" of "bad thoughts" to write about unmarried young men who dream about having sex with beautiful ladies. 
He depicts such lusty scenes which could transfer demonic emotions on the reader, which will make his readers run to the nearest nightclubs. What is surprising is that he attends a Pentecostal church.

Fibin Jacob - Pornographic content writer

Mr. Fibin Jacob is a silly Pentecostal writer who writes pornographic --XXX--Rated--Erotic short stories in Malayalam and posts them on his social media page. Fibin is doing such sex adventures sitting in a Muslim Country which has very strict anti-pornographic rules. 
I have screen-shots of his erotic hell-inspired stories. 
If the Islamic government of Doha, Qatar sees his fictional pieces, porno-specialist Fibin Jacob will be locked up in jail or deported to Kerala. 
Someone needs to tell his wife to read his masterpieces, then wash his pen clean, and make him repent. 
The Preface and Book Review for his anthology of fictional masterpieces were written by Dr. Uruk Mammon Lucifer, Professor of Sexology, Hades University, Fire Wing Quarters, P.O. Box XXX-666, Serpent Village, Gnashing Teeth District, Black Leech Province, Kingdom of Beelzebub.

Shame on his local Pentecostal pastor and church elders who have failed to rebuke him to repentance. Shame on his local deacons who allowed him to partake the Holy Communion Service (Lord’s Supper). Pray for his innocent & god-fearing wife and children.

Elders need to stop this guy's literary adventures immediately before he corrupts the minds of our youths with his silly no-good stories.

It is very easy to write sexy stories and create sexy images. Our natural carnal mind can speedily imagine a hundred sexy scenes a day, if we do not control our minds. The spirit of Kama-Devan possessing Fibin Jacob can be cast out only by fasting and prayer. 
Such exotic writers must be identified, exposed, and rebuked by pastors and elders publicly to prevent other talented people from pursuing such literary endeavors. Fibin Jacob had the courage to publish such nasty stories, so we must have the courage to rebuke his acts publicly.

Fibin Jacob has no respect for elders. Many times he has inserted comments in MPFT website ridiculing believers much older than him. He has used many funny words in very disrespectful language against elders. I have screenshots of all his attacks on people of his father’s age. 
He collaborated sincerely with Lalu Varghese, Joe Thomas, and haughty John Job Philips to defame elders. Certainly, Fibin is controlled by some "negative" spirits. His wife and relatives need to declare a few days of fasting and prayer before he wounds more people and corrupts more youths. 
He writes stories that measure the distance between two lips when a couple engage in deep kiss. I was so shocked when I read another story on his social media page. He narrates the story of a young man who is asleep dreaming. 
He is depicting the wet dreams of young unmarried unsanctified men who sometimes unknowingly spill sperm (rethas) in their deep sleep.

But Fibin is depicting the wet-dream experience as an intentional adventure.

I am paraphrasing Fibin's dialogue: " Liza, my sperm is falling and flowing, seeping, and dribbling. It is slowly flowing and spilling-out through the naked areas of you --- the nakedness produced by my dreams."

Terrible. Horrible. Gross!
It is not proper for a Pentecostal husband to depict such sexy scenes in such an erotic language. 
Shame on Fibin.

It is also a shame that a lady named Mercy Samuel Mt. Carmel commented below this story positively. Mercy specifically mentioned the Malayalam word “rethas” (sperm) in her response at the bottom of Fibin’s post. Decent, modest, and respectable ladies should ignore such stories rather than pamper such corrupt writers.

I have noticed that a lot of sex-related chatting and flirting are being done on the social media walls of Fibin Jacob and the walls of a few MPFT admins and collaborators.

Many other Pentecostal brothers including Joe Thomas Pathanapuram (Masqat, Oman) have clicked “Like” on Fibin’s sexy story. Joe Thomas is the son of Pastor O. C. Thomas (Full Gospel Church of God) who stood boldly for justice and high moral values. He lived a holy and dignified life who did not betray his principles for money or positions.

But his son Joe Thomas is a supporter of erotic literature and an immature believer who spreads lies against servants of God. I hope he repents rather than justify his wickedness.
I am discussing this matter because Pentecostal pastors and leaders need to know how low our members have fallen in lust and indecency. 
I am serving you like a watchman with a trumpet. I am warning you that the enemy is marching toward the fortress. Some enemy-soldiers like Fibin are already inside the walls, inside our country. 
Please act. Sound the alarm. Sound the trumpet. Fight the MPFT gang. They are the enemies of our soul. 
They are a lust-mongering gang. They promote lust-mongers like Fibin Jacob, but they hate true servants of God who promote holiness and morality. 
Parents, grandparents, please support me in my effort to smoke out and chase away corrupt writers like Fibin Jacob before they corrupt our children’s minds. Please comment positively under my articles, if you agree with my ideas. Don’t be afraid to fight the devil and his corrupt agents like Fibin and his supporters.

If not, they will drag and drown your children and grandchildren. They hate moral codes. They hate our pastors who tell the truth. They wound our pastors. They slander our leaders with lies---utter lies.

Please join me to fight them. We can win if we are together in one accord with determination.

Psychologists have researched and studied about hundreds of writers who engage in producing erotic literature like Fibin Jacob. They say that many who produce pornographic literature are sexually dysfunctional or they have a lack of sexual satisfaction at home. So, they seek sexual fulfillment by letting their mind wander in erotic thoughts and spill out those thoughts on people through their keyboards and pens.


By E. C. Samkutty, Louisiana
January 10, 2017.,,
E. C. Samkutty, P.O. Box 40092,
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70835-0092, USA


E. C. Samkutty