One More Fake ID Hired by Some Admins

Tina Thomas

Dear Friends,

I am posting here a picture of Madam Tina Thomas and an young man who seems to be her husband. This could be a falsely identified picture.

I am convinced that this is a fake ID manufactured by the admins of some social media organization. Their purpose probably is to trick me into some sex-related alligations using this well dressed beautiful lady.

The media Mafia may use the same picture to trick other public officials, pastors, and evangelists. Be alert.

I checked Tina’s “Profile Page” which claims that she is a physician (surgeon) who lives in Florida, USA. There is no Indian medical doctor with that name there. She also claims on her profile that she attended the University of Virginia.

The profile picture on Tina’s page has a photograph of Tina and her husband. The whole picture could be fraudulent.

I got suspicious of her when I noticed her first two comments posted on my Facebook page. In those two comments, her English grammar is at the level of a fifth-grade primary school student, even though she claims that she’s a medical doctor.

I commented to her that her medical degeres and her English grammar do not fit well.

Bishop Varghese Mathai, one of my friends commented that it is unusual for a lady doctor to put on this many ornaments.

After I pointed out her fifth standard english, her English suddenly improved within a few hours and she started writing in fairly-good English which she posted on my page, even though I do not like her to meddle with my page. I deleted her post many times, but ignoring that she posted back her comments again and again.

An Indian computer engineer traced her account activity and found out that her IP address does not belong to the United States. So, I am concluding that she is a fake ID.

If she approaches you by volunteering to share any information or by attempting to help you in any way, do not trust her.

If you know of any “non-thinking” social media organizations using “Teena Thomas” or “Pressy ER” to harass anybody and spread lies against anybody, kindly let me know or report her to the cyber police.

She could be a secret agent doing spy work for some admins. Since I don’t have any direct proofs, I do not want to connect her to Malayalee Pentecostal Free Thinkers (MPFT).

One thing that I am sure is this: She is very supportive of MPFT in her comments. She also tries her best to justify the actions of MPFT. I will not be surprised if someday I get enough information to prove that she is recruited as a spokes-women for MPFT.

E. C. Samkutty, Louisiana [March 10, 2017]
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