Do Not Accuse Mullakkara Sir without Verifiable Documents

From: E.C. Samkutty---  To: All Critics

Mullakkara Sir Praying

Servants of God deserve to be treated with fairness and truth.

Mullakkara sir is praying for sick people.
What is wrong with this?

He is also feeding the hungry in orphanages, publishing inspiring books, articles, bulletins, and magazines.

What is wrong with that?

He is uplifting the depressed people with fervent prayer. He is fasting and praying for financial, mental, and demonic bondages to be broken.

What is wrong with such prayer and spiritual activities?
All may not get healed by his prayers. All may not be uplifted psychologically. But Mullakkara sir is not withdrawing when he does not see the results.
I am glad we have a few people like him who blindly trusts God and pray whether God performs miracles or not.

Mullakkara sir was a well-salaried teacher. He gave up his employment to spend more time for religious work. There is wisdom to be gained from this aged man who probably is at least sixty years old.

His reward in heaven will be great, because he may be suffering a lot of mental anguish in his effort to expand the Kingdom of God. Certainly, when people accuse him for everything, it is natural for him to feel hurt. Nowadays, people are criticizing him for how he prays, how he sits, how he walks, how loud he speaks, how long he speaks, etc.

Some may accuse him of hoarding money, but without evidence to prove financial mismanagement. Such unfounded accusations also cause a lot of pain and shame.  He may even get blamed for mistakes his associates or team members commit.
If he is engaged in gimmicks, deceptive techniques, financial dishonesty, money misappropriations, false reports, or exaggerated testimonies, he needs to be exposed and rebuked. If he is challenging sincere criticisms and repeating any gimmicks, he must be rebuked publicly, so innocent people would not fall into the snare of manipulations.

I will post without fear if verified reports of financial dishonesty or manipulative techniques are connected to Mullakkara directly or indirectly.
So far, I have not received any verifiable accusations.
E.C.Samkutty, April 5, 2017.
Joy ഇതാണ് ദൈവത്തെ വിറ്റു പുട്ട് അടിക്കുന്നവർ മേലനങ്ങി പണിയെടുക്കണ്ടല്ലോ
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Traveling and preaching are not easy to do. Packing up, traveling in cars, buses, trains, and airplanes cause much tiredness. Preaching to large crowds and then praying sincerely for hundreds of people deplete a lot of energy. Evangelists become almost life-less after a couple of nights of loud preaching and altar calls. മേലനങ്ങി പണിയെടുക്കണ്ടല്ലോ. Speaking and teaching are physical labors that exhaust a person. Ask any teacher or preacher.

Many preachers and teachers suffer headaches, muscular pains, and backaches very often.
For twenty-two years from 1979 to 2001, I used to travel on weekends. When I return home Sunday late night, I fall on my bed completely depleted of all energies --- with swollen throat caused by cold-virus gotten from sick people in the airplanes. It takes at least two days of rest after every convention to regain my energy.
People think it is an easy job to preach. It is not.
There is a lot of strain on the physical body when an evangelist travels every day and prays for people every hour. 

My understanding is that Mr. Mullakkara sir is using his donations to help the needy.

He has to maintain his personal expenses including the maintenance of his family. He needs a lot of money to keep his gospel work in a progressive momentum.

A shepherd deserves to enjoy the milk from the cow and the goat. So, it is   not wrong to collect donations from his well-wishers.

E C Samkutty
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George Koshy
George Koshy.

Dear Dr. Samkutty,
I appreciate your concern for God's servants!
But where are these so-called Evangelists (Miracle men) compared to the real Apostles and Evangelists mentioned in the bible?
How much money do you collect from the sheep and cows for your ministries?
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FROM: EC Samkutty .....TO: Pastor George Koshy.
Dear Babu,
You know we had our local Inter-denominational Malayalee prayer meetings in Louisiana started first at my home in 1991. I led it for six years from 1991 May to 1997 April, conducted many times in my own house. Also, house to house cottage meetings in other Keralite homes.

You know that four Catholic medical doctors(MDs) attended our prayer meetings every weekend. Two librarians and technicians attended regularly. One Catholic priest (Father Rubin) attended frequently. Also, one Hindu professor and his family attended regularly. The Hindu also invited us to hold cottage meetings in his house occasionally.
We had six families and three research-student-families from Kerala ----total eight families.

In six years, we met on weekends more than 300 times. Most of the time, I prepared the sermons and Bible studies. I also led the song and worship. I prepared the transliterations of about fifty Malayalam songs for our American-born teenagers.

But never did we take any offering----not even one time in six years.

Only once did we collect donations for the flood victims in North India. That money I did not even touch---- but gave to Catholic Priest Father Rubin achen to be sent to India.

I have never ever accepted one dollar in six years. No one even offered money to me because they were sure I would not accept any reward for my free service.
Babu, you have also taught for our weekend meetings a few times free. You never expected anything. I did not give you any money for your wonderful sermons and teachings.

So I am amazed at your question --- "How much money do you collect from the sheep and cows for your ministries?"

When I used to travel to speak in out-of-town convention in America and Canada, I used to accept honorariums(cheques) from churches. But I spent the same money in the same cities to mail free books, free sermon tapes, and CDs.

My answer to you is that in six years, I never collected a single dollar from any Malayalee in Louisiana.
The Bible permits us to enjoy the milk from the cows and the goat we feed. However, I did my services all six years free of any charges. My wife made the house ready for all people and prepared refreshments voluntarily.

We were much blessed by God. So it was not a big deal to offer free services for the Kingdom of God.

When we had prayer meetings in Dr. Cyriac Lukes' house, his wife Dr. Leelamma(M.D.) always cooked us rice and curries. So you remember, we gave her the nickname "Malayalee Mother Theresa."

You remember, some Saturday nights we stayed in Luke's house until midnight learning and singing Malayalam songs while our small children played in the warm swimming pools behind his house.
E.C. Samkutty, Louisiana(April 5, 2017)
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Jacob Mathai
Jacob Mathai,
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Jose Mathew
Jose Mathew
Good comments
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George Koshy
George Koshy Look at the way in which Mr. Mullakkara is sitting while praying for the sick? That is total disrespect to God, I think !
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Shaji Varghese
Shaji Varghese Correct....not acceptable...
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FROM: EC Samkutt .....TO: Pastor George Koshy.
Dear Babu and Shaji,

Thank you for your observation.

Yes, I don’t blame you for interpreting Mullakaara’s relaxed sitting posture as a sign of disrespect. However, please consider another interpretation.
Mullakkara sir travels every day and prays for hundreds of people on a daily basis. He is probably too exhausted physically to stand up for a long time and pray. Mullakkara may have “a thorn in the flesh” --- backache. So, let us be considerate when he sits down in a relaxed posture in order to pray or people.

John Thekkattil Abraham
John Thekkattil Abraham
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Sunny Varghese

Sunny Varghese:

See below the cultureless and profane comments punctuated with utter lies posted on EC Samkutty’s Facebook wall by Sunny Varghese.

A true servant of God cannot be defeated with obscene words or “blackmail” techniques. Sunny’s obscene comments prove that some people submit themselves to the spirit of demonic powers. Here is the comment by Sunny and it’s true English translation:

By Sunny Varghese to EC Samkutty:

Sunny Varghese: “Kalla thayoliya....avante past thing ariumallo..... 25 varshathinu munp pennine adichondu poyavana.... ippam st Sam aaie.”

English translation of what Mr. Sunny Varghese wrote about me:

Translation: "E. C. Samkutty is a thief, he is a dishonest thayoli (profanity)..... Do you know the past conduct of E.C. Samkutty.....Twenty-five years ago [1992] E.C. Samkutty kidnapped (snatched away) a young lady. But now he is acting like a saint”.
One of the words Sunny used --- "tha--yoli" --- is a gross profanity in the Malayalam language which means "a sex-maniac."
I checked many Malayalam dictionaries, but none had the word. Finally, I found the word in the 1929 edition of "Zabdatharavali" compiled by Sanskrit scholar Sree Kantesvaram Padmanabha Pillai. This giant dictionary defines "O--ly" saying that it is a profane word meaning “sex-maniac.”   So, I am a sex-maniac, according to Sunny Varghese.
22 hrs
Dear Friends,
The above man named Mr. Sunny Varghese has been posting many wounding comments against me for several weeks now.
When Sunny posts such vulgar comments, my wife or I delete them immediately, mainly because they are plain lies. But when we are teaching classes or sleeping, we do not see these comments. So, they remain on my Facebook wall for hours and hours. Many people who do not know me personally may misunderstand me and believe his lies ------100 percent lies.
I do not need to deal with such lies among people who know me personally. My neighbors and colleagues are very angry that some people dare to post such horrible lies.

But there are thousands of Facebook readers in all continents who do not know me enough to decide whether this "kidnapping (lady snatching) story" is true or not.

The people behind this lie may have a secret agenda to pass down this false story to the next generation. In such a future day, I will not be on earth to clarify any such confusion. So, it is urgent and important that I answer it now.

First, this Sunny Varghese could be a Fake ID manufactured by a jealous enemy or an admin of a social media organization. The aim certainly is to defame me personally, discredit my religious services---a deliberate character assassination attempt.

It is also possible that Sunny Varghese is real and that some jealous enemies are paying or bribing Sunny to post such lies against me.

Another possibility is that Sunny Varghese is suffering from a mental sickness or personality disorder which makes him verbally abuse others. He may get some sadistic pleasure out of it.

Also, Sunny Varghese or the real man/woman hiding behind him may be demon-possessed.

The demon spirits may give them false hope. They may hope that, if they harass me continually, I may withdraw from active spiritual ministry and hide myself being ashamed to face people.

I believe that public servants must not keep silent when accusations are raised---minor or serious matters. Evangelists, pastors, and writers who serve people owe an answer to people and clarify rumors and deliberate lies.

Sunny first posted that I kidnapped a girl (adicheduthu =took/ possessed /eloped/snatched a girl and made her my mistress). He posted that it happened 20 years ago (in 1997). He claimed that I snatched the girl from a place I went to preach.

It would have been more believable if Sunny accused that I snatched away a girl from a nightclub, a casino, or a bar. But this he says happened in a convention place. Sunny Varghese seems to have a “hollow-brain,” because he doesn’t even know how to construct a convincing lie.

My son was 17 years old in 1997, my daughter 14 years, and my wife exactly 40 years. I was 48 in 1997.

I got married on July 13, 1978, at the Assembly-of-God Church, Adoor, Kerala. My wife joined me in America nine months later on April 21, 1979, after securing her immigrant visa. Our first child(son)was born in April 1980.
From 1979 to 2011, my weekend and holiday convention sites were in American and Canadian cities. A large number of Malayalees live in those cities. People who attended my convention were Keralites. I also preached in cities outside America. The following were the cities I ministered on weekends and summer holidays:
New York, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Tennessee, Florida, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Oklahoma, Michigan, Toronto, Van Couver, Detroit, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Seattle.
Also Dubai, Kuwait, Oman, Abu Dhabi, Kottayam, Ernakulam, Punalur, Kumily, Allappuzha, Kollam, Trivandrum etc.
No explanation is needed to prove that there was no missing girl in any such places.  No kidnapping (snatching incident) by a Keralite named E. C. Samkutty is recorded in any places I preached. No Keralite who knows me will believe such a story. But it is possible that some people who do not know me may buy this story. Even sunny Varghese knows that this is a lie or a baseless rumor. It is impossible for an evangelist to protect himself completely from such rumors. There will always be someone spreading false information.

I have distributed about 2,000,000 copies of printed literature which includes books, booklets, pamphlets, tracts, cassette tapes, CDs, song books, cassette-sermons, and CD sermons. It is possible that after having done such a wide ministry by the grace of God, I would face undesirable rumors and attacks. I want to avoid such rumors but, it may not be possible.

Within hours after Sunny uploaded his first post, he altered his story. His second post claimed that the kidnapping really took place, not 20 years ago, but actually 25 years ago--- which means in 1992.
That was when my preaching ministry was at its peak level locally, regionally, and nationally.

In the early 1990s, I was also conducting seminars for married couples helping them to build happy families. It is ironic that I went to preach on happy family and then I snatched away somebody’s daughter and made her my mistress.

About 14,000 copies of my cassette tape on the topic of building healthy husband-wife relationship were mailed free to Keralite immigrants in America and Canada in 1992. Mr. Kurian Mammen (Dallas) duplicated several thousand more copies of my sermon on “Happy Family Life” and distributed freely all over the world. I must be put in prison if I betrayed the trust of so many people.

I deserve to be burned alive if I was such a hypocrite enough to forget my wife and two teenage children and elope with a lady who I met at a convention site.
My son was 12 years old in 1992. My daughter was nine years old. My reasonably good-looking wife was a 35-year old healthy lady in 1992. If Sunny is true, then indeed I am a wretched human being who deserve the wrath of God.

Sunny Varghese and the person behind the Fake ID know that if a lie is repeatedly published, there are many similar evil people who are looking for an opportunity to spread such lies mouth to ear thus discrediting an innocent spirit-filled servant of God.

Sunny Varghese again changed his story creating a third version. He claimed that I eloped the young lady from the local prayer group.
Sunny found out from somebody that I led a prayer group in the 1990s in Louisiana. He probably thought that changing his accusation from a "Convention Site" to a local "Prayer Group" would make his story more believable.

The whole kidnapping story is a fabrication cooked up in the brain of a demon-possessed or mentally sick person. Or this lie was manufactured by a man or a lady who is as evil as Hitler, Pharaoh, Nero, Mrs. Potipher, Jezebel, or Judas.

I hope what happened to Judas would not happen to Sunny Varghese or the inventor of the Fake ID hiding behind Sunny.
Anyway, I am giving below the names of people who regularly attended the Interdenominational Prayer Fellowship in my city from 1991 to 1997.

In April 1997, our Prayer Group was dismantled due to the reason given below:

In 1997, respected Catholic Revivalist Father Mathew Naikkamparampil (Petta Divine Retreat Center, Kerala) visited Louisiana. He advised the Catholic members of our prayer group that it is dangerous to allow a Pentecostal like E.C. Samkutty to preach and teach in a prayer group in which the majority are Catholics.

In essence, Father Naikkamparampil was indirectly suggesting to form a new prayer group headed by Catholics.

Within a few days after the Father Naikkamparampil and his team visited our prayer group, the Catholics stopped coming for weekend prayers. I did not beg them to join me back. So, we split in a friendly way. The six-year weekend prayer thus came to an abrupt end.

We still visit each other for events like weddings and funerals and sometimes for casual visitations.

Please see the names of people who attended the local prayer meeting in the city of Baton Rouge, in the southern state of Louisiana:

1.   Dr. Cyriac Luke, MD, Catholic, Gynecologist

2.   Dr. Leela Luke, MD, Catholic, Pediatrician

3.   Dr. Joseph Thomas, Catholic, Pediatrician

4.   Dr. Mary Thomas, Catholic, Internist

5.   Mr. Tomy Zachariah, Catholic, Technologist

6.   Mrs. Saline Zachariah, Catholic, Educational Specialist

7.   Mr. Alex Kunjappy, Orthodox Church, Librarian

8.   Mrs. Sabi Kunjappy, Orthodox Church, State Revenue Dept.

9.   Mr. Mathew Varghese, Pentecostal, Technical Assistant

10.  Mrs. Lola Varghese, Pentecostal, Louisiana State University Library Assistant

11.   Dr. John Ambrose, Assembly of God, Entomologist

12.   Mrs. Daisy John, Assembly of God, Educationalist

13.   Dr. Bobba Rambabu, Hindu, Physicist

14.  Mrs. Lakshmi Rambabu, Hindu, Accountant

15.  Dr. Sunitha Seemanapally, Charismatic, Microbiologist

16.  Mr. Jiju Joseph, Catholic, Computer Engineer

17.   Mrs. Mitty Jiju Joseph, Catholic, Software Engineer

18.   Mr. John Cherukuzhi, Evangelical Church, Computer Specialist

I am also listing some Malayalee friends in Louisiana who attended our prayer fellowship occasionally or once in a long while.

19.  Dr. K. E. Mathew, MD, Marthoma, Surgeon

20.  Dr. Leyamma Mathew, MD, Marthoma, Pediatrician

21.   Dr. C. P. Mathew, MD, Catholic, Internist

22.  Dr. Erat Joseph, Catholic, Professor of Civil Engineering

23.  Dr. Mary Joseph, Catholic, Professor of Literature

These are people who knew me and my religious services very closely for thirty-one years. From 1974 to 1978, I studied in Louisiana and completed my doctoral degree. From 1979 August till 1986 December 5, I taught in the state of Mississippi. In 1987 December 10, I returned to work permanently in Louisiana.

From 1986 December, up to today --- for thirty years --- the above mentioned Malayalees have known me personally. I can confidently and humbly say that I have lived a morally upright life in front of all Keralites and non-Keralites in my city of residence. After twenty years without our regular meeting, if I decide to restart the same inter-denominational prayer meeting, they will all rejoin us and will be happy to embark on a new beginning.

But I am no more interested in an inter-denominational prayer meeting because it limits my freedom to speak against Mother Mary mediation, saint adoration, and idol-worship in future.

My local pastors in America:

1.   Rev. T. L. Henderson, Church of God, Arkansas

2.   Rev. M. H. Chavis, Church of God, Louisiana

3.   Rev. Darrell Smith, Church of God, Mississippi

4.   Rev. Curtis Silcox, Church of God, Louisiana

5.   Rev. Waldo, Church of God, Louisiana

6.   Rev. Ted Long, Church of God, Louisiana

Even though I lived 15,500 kilometers away from Kerala, India, I was not hiding in a cave. I was a witness for the Lord Jesus Christ in every place I lived during the last forty-seven years of my life in America.

I am not perfect, but I tried to live for God in front of all the Keralites and Americans that I was privileged to know. Even during my student life, I served the Lord as an evangelist. When local pastors in my district traveled for vacations or became sick, I served as a substitute speaker in Sunday services from 1972 up to the present time.

Again, I cannot sit silently when someone spreads lies against me. These liars have an agenda to discredit the servants of God and engage in character assassination. I must defeat their cunning deeds.

Jesus Christ refuted all spoken and unspoken accusations raised by Pharisees and his enemies. Jesus even attacked accusatory thoughts that were being cooked up in the minds of the Pharisees. Jesus was able to read their minds, justify himself, and discredit their lying tongues.

I am giving below several comments that Sunny Varghese or the fake ID inventor working behind him posted on my Facebook wall. Probably his posts caused some misunderstanding in the minds of people who do not know me personally. I am happy that I got this opportunity to stand up to the horrible liars like Sunny Varghese.

I humbly request my friends and well-wishers to remember me in their personal prayers, family prayers, and cottage-meeting prayers. Pray that the person behind the fake ID would repent.

E. C. Samkutty, 05 April, 2017

PO Box 40092,
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70835 – 0092, USA.
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