"Husband-Wife Relationship" is a lecture that would assist every husband and wife to lead a happy family life. It has motivated a lot of separated couples to reunite.

Due to the failures of a husband or a wife or both couples, unfortunate events, or excruciating situations encountered, some marriages end in divorce in spite of all sincere efforts put forward to solve conflicts. Some of these couples get married again when he/she finds the right match. That does not mean that their happiness is doomed forever. In certain cases, divorce may be better than fighting all 365 days of the year experiencing "hell on earth" damaging the physical and mental health of both couples.

If the remarried couples repent and pledge never to repeat the same old mistakes again, the forgiving Blood of Jesus Christ is powerful enough to wash them clean and remove all condemnations from the parties involved (Bible, Romans 8:1: " There is now no condemnation(guilt) to them who are in Christ"); Isaiah 42:3: "A bruised reed God will not break; A smoldering wick God will not snuff out."

The humble exhortations in this lecture will help even remarried couples to lead a reasonably happy family life.

“Grace That We Stand On” is a one hour-thirty-six-minute sermon based on the delivering power of the grace of Jesus Christ. This enduring grace of the Lord empowers suffering people to receive healing of the body as well as victory over everyday problems, in spite of the fact that they have their own personal limitations or handicaps. If you are going through a spiritual, physical, financial, work-related, or domestic problem, you will find comfort and peace by listening to this message. You will also gain enough strength to face any hindrance that you may encounter.

During the preaching of this message at Thiruvalla on January 26, 2013, the Holy Spirit moved in such a mighty way that the sermon had to be stopped for about twelve minutes of prayer and worship. Samkutty stepped out of the stage and started praying for people. So, you will see an interruption, after which Dr. Samkutty continued his preaching for another twenty minutes.